Seaside Kingdom was full of magic shells that kept the seaside kingdom in order but soon the Rain King invaded the kingdom so the Seaside Queen had to send 4 Miraculous Lights as the Rain King was heading to earth to destroy other seasides. Those 4 Miraculous Light were the lights of PreCure!



Hinamyio Kerrii/Cure Shells

Kerrii lives in cabin near the seaside and she likes like to collect shells to create shell art. She seems to strongly dislike seaweed she is the elegant Cure Shells. Her theme colour is pink.

Hayrina Jurina/Cure Coral

Jurina is a crazy girl that loves to swim in the ocean and look at coral. She is Cure Coral. Her theme colour is red.

Latina Korina / Cure Ocean

Korina is often seen swimming though she has a fear of crabs . She is Cure Ocean. Her theme colour royal blue.

Mayhana Hina / Cure Sand Hina loves to build massive sand castles and have picnics on the sandy ground . She is known as Cure Sand . Her theme colour is yellow


King Rain The main villain


Seaweed is the first villain to appear .

Deep A bossy lady who is the second villain to appear.


The series monster


Cure sea Is the the transformation Item

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