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SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
Home PlaceSkyriver
First AppearanceSky Pretty Cure 01
SeiyuuNanjou Yoshino
Theme ColorRed
Scarlet is one of the main mascots of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Scarlet is a color guard from Skyriver. Scarlet is the guard of the yellow rainbow and currently lives with Ruby. Scarlet ends all her sentences with "aka".


Scarlet has, like every color guard of Skyriver, the ability to give the chosen girl the power to transform into the legendary warriors of the rainbow, Pretty Cure. Scarlet is the guard of the red rainbow and has the ability of fire. Scarlet is able to use less powerful attacks a than her Pretty Cure partner and can use small fireworks. As shown in episode 18, Scarlet has to shout her suffix "Aka" and rise her little arms to activate the power. Whenever the Pretty Cures got a power up, Scarlet and the others had also got a one.



  • Akahane Ruby - Scarlet is Ruby’s fairy partner and the source of her Pretty Cure powers. When they first met, Ruby did everything to protect Scarlet, even though she was pretty shocked that Scarlet was able to talk. Ever since that day, Scarlet is seen with Ruby and knows quite much about her and her personal life. Ruby and Scarlet also care much for each other, shown in Episode 34, where Scarlet tried to help the Cures with Rainbow Heart Hurricane to rescue Ruby from the power of darkness.


Scarlet (スカーレット?) - Either a variant of Scarlett or else from the English word for the red colour. The word is derived (via Old French and Medieval Latin) from Persian sakhrilat, the name of a type of cloth.[1] Scarlet is: Scarlet is a bright red with a slightly orange tinge. In the spectrum of visible light, and on the traditional color wheel, it is one-fourth of the way between red and orange, slightly less orange than vermilion.[2]



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