Naruse Sayaka (成瀬さやか Naruse Sayaka)- she is the main character of this fan series, A fourteen year old girl with an interest in books and fairy tales. She is vice council president at Nanairogaoka Middle School, besides good at study, she very bad at sport, Her Ego is Cure Bright Happy. cure bright happy use the power of holy light, she is the successor of cure happy. she has some attitude similar to Miyuki.

Sayaka Naruse
Naruse Sayaka
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Pink (Sayaka)

Pink(Cure Bright Happy)

Eye ColorBlue(Sayaka)

pink(Cure Bright Happy)

Theme ColorPink(main)


Anime Information
SeasonSmile Precure! New Generation
First AppearanceSPCNG01

Sayaka Naruse (Naruse Sayaka?)is the main character of Smile Precure! New Generation. Her alter ego is Cure Bright Happy ({{{2}}}?).


Sayaka has long hair pink, and there are toys rabbit hair and braided black hair.


Sayaka is cheery and optimistic, she also cares deeply for her friends and will not hesitate to help them.


Hoshina Akari- her bestfriend

Naruse Ayumi- her mother

Naruse Jun- her father

Naruse Ryuunosuke- her older brother

Hoshizora Miyuki- her cure senior.

Transformation Sequence

Cure Bright Happy

File:Cure Happy Transformation
The Smile Pact opens, and Sayaka sets the ribbon Cure Decor piece into the recess. This causes their individual light to light up first, followed by the seven lights inside the Smile Pact in sequence. A background voice asks, "Ready?", and in response, Sayaka shout out the transformation phrase "Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!". The Smile Pact produces a powder puff, which Sayaka taps on the Smile Pact to collect up magic powder. Sayaka taps her puff once on her hand to produce arm protectors, twice on her legs to produce shoes, and thrice on her body to produce her dress. Cure Bright Happy's hair then changes length and color, and her eyes become brighter shade as well. Lastly, she pats the powder puff onto her cheeks to give a rosy glow. After transforming, Cure Bright Happy flies down from the sky, landing on her feet. She introduces herself and declares her battle cry, before striking a final pose.


Cure Bright Happy

"Twinkling, shining, light of the future!, Cure Bright Happy"
Kirakira kagayaku mirai no hikari! Kyua akarui Happī!?


Happy Shower - Happy Shower - Cure Bright Happy charges her Smile Pact with enough spirit to make it glow and grants her power to preform her attack. When this is done, the Smile Pact disintergrates into pink energy. Cure Happy uses the energy to create a big heart with her hands and the heart reduces its size to fit in her fingers, that are shaped into a heart too. Then, she releases the attack towards her enemies.


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