Sawai Atsuki
Sawai Atsuki
Personal Information
Hair Colorbrown(Atsuki)
Magenta (Fushia)
Eye Colorlight blue (Atsuki)
Cyan blue (Fushia)
Home PlaceSakurahana
Alter EgoCure Fushia
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonBlooming PreCure Morning Blooming PreCure

Being a cure

(沢井熱き) When she was a cure she lost her Item in episode 8 she liked it but she was sad in episode 8. Atsuki is a second year student at Sakurahana first school and is the student council president as well. She is a cheerful girl who is great at learning and studies. She is the most clever at school,she loves cooking and painting on Wednesdays and Thursdays . She often worries about other people, and takes on problems on her own in order not to burden others. She is great at taking helping of people, conflicts, helping friends out with activities, and maths . However, she often rushes into things before thinking it through. She is friends with Rina who is her best friend, also, she is a fan of bunny's.



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