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Nyoko Sakurada
桜田 ニヨこ
Sakurada Nyoko
Personal Information
Hair ColorBrown (Nyoko)

Light Pink (Cure Cheery)

Eye ColorPale Blue (Nyoko)

Red (Cure Cheery)

Alter EgoCure Cheery
Theme ColorRed (main)

Marshmallow pink (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonJewelpet Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceJPPC01

Nyoko Sakurada (桜田 ニヨこ Sakurada Nyoko?)is the leader of her team and the main character of Jewelpet Pretty Cure!. Her alter ego is Cure Cheery (キュア チリ Kyua Chiri?).


Nyoko has pale blue eyes and a brown medium-length hair, which she ties up into lush, high right side ponytail.


Nyoko is a very cheerful, lively girl, who always gets in a trouble because of her clumsiness. Despite it, her temper is kinda short and always surprises others by shouting very angrily. As it shown in JPPC01 Nyoko is afraid of swimming in water.


Past life

Meeting Ruby and Becoming Cure Cheery


Aomiya Ami: Nyoko's best friend since childhood .

Sakihime Kagami:

Izanami Kichi:

Haruyume Yoshi:

Chikaragi Etsuko:


Cure Cheery




Nyoko (ニヨこ) - means "jewel", which can refer to the season's theme of gemstones.

Sakurada (桜田) - sakura (桜) means cherry blossom, which can refer to the cherry bloosom on her mascot, Ruby's left ear, and da (田) means "field".

Together her name can mean "Jewel of Cherry Blossom Field".


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