Sakurada Nadeshiko
Sakurada Nadeshiko
Sakurada Nadeshiko
Personal Information
Hair ColorHot Pink (Nadeshiko)

Light Pink (Cure Flower)

Eye ColorDark Pink (Nadeshiko)

Light Pink (Cure Flower)

Alter EgoCure Flower
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonLifestyle Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLsPC01
Sakurada Nadeshiko is the leader of the Cures in Lifestyle Pretty Cure!She is a clumsy and positive-thinking girl, and really like flowers. At the start of the series, she is a newly-transferred student at Nijiiro Middle School. Her alter ego is Cure Flower (キュアフラワー Kyua Furawā) and her standard signature color is pink.


As Sakurada Nadeshiko, she has long straight dark pink hair with a ponytail. She has dark pink eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a black headbands with pink flower on each edge, white blouse with flower picture in the middle, pink cardigan, and short pink skirt with frills. She also wears short pink socks and black shoes.

As Cure Flower, she has long bright pink hair, styled in two segments at the back and two long strands framing her face. Her eyes color also turn brighter.


Nadeshiko is a bright and positive-thinking girl who loves flowers, and dreams of being a florist or botanist. However, Nadeshiko is really clumsy in some ways.

Cure Flower

"Pink! The seventh light of the rainbow, Cure Flower!"


Pinku! Niji no nanahikari, Kyua Furawā!

Cure Flower (キュアフラワー Kyua Furawā) is Cure Nadeshiko transforms into. Cure Flower has the power of flower. Her main personal purification attack is Flower Petals Shower.


Flower Petals Shower - Cure Flower draws a circle of pink flowers before her and shoots them at the enemy. She doesn't need any weapon to perform this attack.


Sakurada (桜だ) - Sakura (桜), which also means Cherry Blossom, is a kind of flower. It's alluding to her role as Cure Flower.

Nadeshiko (なでしこ) - Nadeshiko (なでしこ) means pink. This refers to her standard signature color.

Her name means, "pink cherry blossom".


  • She is the first Cure to have hot pink hair (not dark pink or scarlet) in her civillian form
  • This is the second lead cure to have no ponytail in Cure form
  • Cure Flower's attack (Flower Petals Shower) is similar to Cure Blossom's attack (Blossom Shower)


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