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Sakura Kayoko
Aya Inubousaki
Sakura Kayoko
Personal Information
Hair ColorPurple(Sakura)

Pink(Cure Nova)

Eye ColorPurple(Sakura)

Light Purple(Cure Nova)

Home PlaceTaiyokawa
RelativesMitsuki Kayoko(Younger Twin Sister)

Lily Kayoko(Mother) Koutaro Kayoko(Father)

Alter EgoCure Nova

Precious Cure Nova

Theme ColorPink(main)

White(sub) Yellow(sub)

Anime Information
SeasonCosmic Pretty Cure!!
SeasonCosmic Pretty Cure!!
First AppearanceCPC03
Sakura Kayoko(さくら佳代子Sakura Kayoko) is the helper to the Cures in Cosmic Pretty Cure!!. She is the older twin sister of Mitsuki Kayoko and is the louder one of the twins. A 2nd- year at Universal Private Academy, she is the Vice-President of the Student Council and is the president of the Computer Club. She is very kind and helps anyone in need, as required for a Student Council V.P. In the middle of the season, she becomes Cure Nova with the help of Uni and the Heart Jewels. Cure Nova is the Cure of the planets and has power over time.





Cure Nova




Aya Inubousaki

How I would like Sakura to look like

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