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Sakura Haretsu
Sakura Haretsu
桜 破裂
Sakura Haretsu
Personal Information
Hair ColorRed (Haretsu)

Scarlet (Blossom Mirage and Blooming)

Eye ColorBlue (Haretsu)

Scarlet (Blossom Mirage and Blooming)

Home PlaceFirst Harmony
Alter EgoCure Blooming (current)

Cure Blossom Mirage (former)

Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
First AppearanceHBPC01
"Let's go for it!"
―Sakura Haretsu, Heartbeat Pretty Cure! catchphrase

Sakura Haretsu (桜 破裂 Sakura Haretsu?) is the main character in Heartbeat Pretty Cure!. She puts all her effort into believing everyone can change, the opposite of who she was in the past. Her current Cure form is Cure Blooming (キュアブルーミング Kyua Burūmingu?).


As Haretsu, she usually wears the school outfit, which is a red, long sleeved shirt with a green bow and white collar. She wears a navy blue skirt with white leggings and brown shoes.

Whenever Haretsu wears casual clothes, it is usually a pink, short sleeved shirt with a white shirt underneath and blue shorts. She wears flip-flops that are black with a touch of pink on top.

As Cure Blooming, her outfit is exactly the same as her Mirage alter ego, Cure Blossom Mirage. The only difference is she doesn't have the white cloak until after the upgrade in episode 48.


Haretsu is a very cheerful girl and is always looking to help people. She has been obtaining a helpful habit, as she calls it, to motivate people to change their bad ways. There have been a few occurrences recalled by Haretsu where it made things worse, but it does not stop her. She is also very good at cooking and once prepared food for the other Cures.


Past Life

Meeting Chyra

Becoming Cure Blooming

Cure Blooming







  • Between her, Inoru, and Miyu, Haretsu is the only one whose hair doesn't change to magenta.
    • She is also the only one of the three who doesn't exactly copy her past outfit until after she upgrades.
  • After Nozomi, Miyuki, and Mana, Haretsu is the fourth lead Cure to receive a special upgrade from a team of five in the series movie.

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