Sakae Miku
栄 みく
Sakae Miku
Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
Alter EgoCure High-Tech
Theme ColorBlack
Light Blue
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure! Repeat!
First AppearancePCR01


Miku has long, straight black hair that she keeps slicked back out of her face, aside from the one strand that hangs in her face. She has light blue eyes and pale skin. She usually wears form-fitting clothes and vests.


Miku is calm, distant, and very serious. She doesn't usually show her emotions, choosing to stay focused on her mission instead. Coming from the future, Miku has grown up with access to knowledge that the other girls have never even heard about, so she knows about almost everything. She has a soft spot for miniature robots, which she enjoys building.


Cure High-Tech




Chrono Blaster
Cure High-Tech's special weapon takes the form of an over-sized handgun. It can be used to rapidly fire countless spheres of energy or to fire a single powerful energy beam. With enough skill and precision, it is possible to use the spheres to change the direction of those already fired.


Power Ups

Character Songs


Imadoki Genko

Clio Mitsotakis

Patrizia di Mezzo

Rachel Anderson


(Sakae) - Means prosperous

みく (Miku) - Means future


  • Sakae Miku shares several traits with the popular Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.
    • They share the same name.
    • Both have light blue and black as primary colors.
    • Both are from the future.
  • Miku is the first Pretty Cure to come from the future.
  • Miku is one of only two Pretty Cure to use a gun-like weapon, the other being Rachel Anderson.