Sailor Suited Sensation (セーラー適されセンセーション Sērā Tekisa Sensēshon) is the second ending, replacing Don't Take Off My Sailor Uniform, of the fan series Sailor Suit Pretty Cure. The singer is Hitomi Yoshida.


Twilight, Dusk, and Kokennin Hatsuno are putting up posters of the Cures who are a group of idols performing under the name "Pretty Cure Sailors". People went inside to go see the concert and every seat was filled up. Bunny, Tensai, Hono, Itsuki, and Momo walked out of the dressing room wearing sailor suit-styled uniforms and wearing a sailor's hat with ties matching the Cures' color themes: pink for Bunny, blue for Tensai, red for Hono, green for Itsuki, and yellow for Momo.

Then Momo began singing while the rest played their instruments and started singing as well. The crowd enjoyed the perfomance and began to cheer. Afterwards, the girls transformed into their Cure forms and started dancing. The mascots and the audience are waving glow sticks to the Cures. The Cures are dancing onstage.

The Cures take out their Purification Sticks and spar with each other. They dance some more, then they pose with the Purification Sticks as if they were going to attack and the ending is finished.


In episode 29, Kokennin Hatsuno is shown dancing with the Cures, disappearing as they sparred with each other, and reappeared as he posed with his weapon with the other Cures.


Japanese Lyrics

Japanese Opening

5 Nagareboshi no chikara de,

Watashitachiha, aku ni taisuru shōri surudeshou!

Wareware no chikara ga, tōi tochi kara no mono

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!

Watashitachiha, Sērā Tekisa Sensēshon desu!

Amējingu! (Amējingu!)

Amējingu! (Amējingu!)

Watashitachiha seifuku ni niau, soreha hontōda, anata ga shitte iru! (Boing!)

Sā, ikou! Kyatchi ando Rirīsu! (Wan wan!)

Janpu! (Yes!) Janpu! (Yes!)

Sore o furu!

Purikyua Kyua Furīzu!

Aku wa kage ni hisonde iru to utsu tame ni dete kimasu.

Kiwotsukero! Sore wa temptation kamo shiremasen.

Yami to min'na no kokoro no naka de nikushimi no gen'in no itami o shūryō shinaide kudasai.

Yuiitsu no hikari to aihakurayami to nikushimi o taosu koto ga dekimasu!

Issho ni, wareware wa subete, min'na no yume no dansu o miru koto ga dekimasu!

(Hāto ga dokidoki kōfun!)

Min'na no kokoro, wareware no hōhō o michibiku mirai no hikari,

soshite watashitachi no kokoro ni yūki ni kibō o motte

Wareware no eiyū-teki kōi wa, tsuitachi no taiyō,

Yoru no tsuki, oyobi kirameku hoshi ni kagayakimasu!

Watashitachi wa ashita ni janpu shimasu! (Ikou!)

Danzen! Futari wa sērā tekisa sensēshon! (Purikyua!)

English Lyrics

English Opening

With the power of five shooting stars,

We will triumph over evil!

Our powers are from a faraway land,

Hello, everyone!

We are the Sailor Suited Sensation!

Amazing! (Amazing!)

Amazing! (Amazing!)

We look good in our school uniforms; it's true, you know! (Boing!)

Come on, let's go! Catch and Release! Bowwow!

Jump! (Yes!) Jump! (Yes!)

Shake it up!

Pretty Cure Cure Freeze!

Evil lurks in the shadows and comes out to strike.

Beware! It could be a Temptation.

Never-ending darkness and hatred causes pain in everyone's hearts.

Only light and love can defeat darkness and hatred!

Together, we all can see everyone's dreams dance!

(Heart-pounding excitement!)

With the hope in everyone's hearts, the light of the future guiding our way,

and the courage in our hearts

Our heroic deeds will shine in the day's sun,

The night's moon, and in the twinkling stars!

We'll jump to tommorrow! (Let's go!)

That's right! We are the Sailor Suited Sensation! (Pretty Cure!)

Opening Characters


  • The ending is the first to have a music video-like feel to it.
  • The name "Pretty Cure Sailors" is pronouced "Puriti Kyua Sērā" which the first part of the name is a pun on "Pretty Cure."
  • The "wan wan" in the lyrics mean "bow-wow", but it could also be katakana for "one, one".
  • The singer for the song is Hitomi Yoshida; she is the same singer who sings the ending songs of Smile Pretty Cure!, the ending songs of Doki Doki Pretty Cure, and the ending song of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure.

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