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Here is a list of merchandise from Cure Wonder's fan series Sailor Suit Pretty Cure.

Cure Dolls

  • 01 Cure Doll! Cure Moonbeam
  • 02 Cure Doll! Cure River
  • 03 Cure Doll! Cure Flare
  • 04 Cure Doll! Cure Timber
  • 05 Cure Doll! Cure Lovely
  • 06 Cure Doll! Cure Caped Moonbeam
  • 07 Cure Doll! Cure Caped River
  • 08 Cure Doll! Cure Caped Flare
  • 09 Cure Doll! Cure Caped Timber
  • 10 Cure Doll! Cure Caped Lovely
  • 11 Cure Doll! Cure Rainbow Moonbeam

Cosplay Costumes

  • Clover Academy Uniform
  • Ferro Private Academy Uniform
  • Kousagi Junior High Uniform
  • Clover Academy Cheerleader Outfit
  • Ferro Private Academy Cheerleader outfit
  • Rose Girl Outfit
  • Kyun-Kyun Strawberry Cosplay Cafe Maid Outfit
  • Cure Moonbeam Costume
  • Cure River Costume
  • Cure Flare Costume
  • Cure Timber Costume
  • Cure Lovely Costume

Key Chains

  • Cure Moonbeam Key Chain
  • Cure River Key Chain
  • Cure Flare Key Chain
  • Cure Timber Key Chain
  • Cure Lovely Key Chain
  • Twilight Key Chain
  • Dusk Key Chain

DVDs & CDs

  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure Volumes
  • CD info T.B.P. (To Be Posted)


  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure: Ōkī Junkō Bōken! (Sailor Suit Pretty Cure: The Big Cruise Adventure!) (for 3DS, 2DS, and Wii U)

Utensils & Lifestyle

  • Plates
  • Soup Plates
  • E-Lunch Plates
  • Spoons
  • Cups
  • Breakfast Spoons
  • Breakfast Forks
  • Breakfast Glasses
  • Chopsticks with Box
  • Fork & Spoon Set
  • Lunch Plates
  • Small Lunch Plates
  • Lunch Soup Plates
  • Noodle Bowls
  • Curry Bowls
  • Saucers
  • Lunch Cups
  • Hair Ornaments
  • Shampoos
  • Hair Solutions
  • Hair Creams
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Bandages
  • Pillows
  • Bedsheets and Bedcovers
  • Pillow covers


  • Hexagonal Brooch
  • Transformation Power Pens
  • Disguise Power Pens
  • Purification Sticks
  • Rainbow Prism Teardrop Diamond
  • Moonbeam Guitar
  • Lovely Microphone
  • Sailor Suit Figures
  • Talking Twilight soft toy
  • Talking Dusk soft toy
  • Sailor Suit Watch
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure Camera
  • Sailor Suit Drawing Book
  • Sailor Suit Puzzle
  • Sailor Suit Cellphone
  • Pretty Cure Cellphone (Cell phone and headset forms)
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure Alarm Clock


  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure bags
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure shirts
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure pajamas
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure socks
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure sneakers
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure flip-flops
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure slippers
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure manga
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure lunch box
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure backpack
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure watch
  • Sailor Suit Pretty Cure posters

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