Kii Saegusa
冴草 きい
Saegusa Kii
Personal Information
Age14 years old
Hair Colorblonde hair (Kii)

Bright Yellow (Cure Pop)

Eye Colorblue (Kii)

yellow(Cure Pop)

Home PlacePrism Town
Relatives= Saegusa Yamamoto (Grandfather)

Saegusa Minami (Mother)

Alter EgoCure Pop
Theme ColorYellow-colored
Anime Information
SeasonTwo Life Precure!
First AppearanceTPC01



She has bright blonde hair with balloon-like twintails with a green ribbon on each twintail, and her eyes are blue.


She is a caring people , Kii dross clever computer field, his dream of becoming a fashion model manager and his dream came true in episode 03. Kii is good friend of Kazesawa Sora, she loved her bestfriend sora.


(きい?) is associated with Japanese actress Kie Kitano (北乃きい?).

Saegusa (冴草?): Sae (?) means (to be) skillfull, possibly refering to her title as the genius producer, and gusa(kusa) (?) means grass.


become manager & Cure Pop

the next day when Sora Finished doing his first show, also held auditions to find a manager for Sora. Kii was secretly signed up and received an advanced Sora manager. on the same day she became cure pop to save Sora from June attack.


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