Tsuinzu Faito!
Sparkle! Diamond PreCure episode 29
ツインズ ファイト!
"The Twins Fight!"
Air date  ???
Episode Guide
Opening Kira Kira! Diamond PreCure!
Ending Hoshi no Kongouseki
Directed by CureJade2910
Written by CureJade2910

The Twins Fight!(ツインズ ファイト!Tsuinzu Faito!) is the twenty ninth episode of Sparkle! Diamond PreCure.

Princess Zirconia:We're all going to be in trouble! It's all your fault!

Faden&Moissanite:You're meaning us?

Princess Zirconia:Yes! We've lost Quartzina! Thanks to you!

Faden:Hey! It's technically your fault 'cause you never appeared in front of them earlier.

Zirconia:Yeah! But if you used Quartzina's duplicator then we could have succeeded. Now we have to face eighteen!

-Music fades in and opening begins-

Nanami:Awesome! We've found everyone!

Kaname(Ichigo):But,I have something to tell you.

Emiko:What is it?

Kaname:My real name is not Sorakaze Ichigo.

Nikora:What! Then what is it?

Kaname:It's Ichigokaze Kaname.

Henkoi:The famous idol Kaname? Then why did you keep it a secret?

Kaname:I was shy and I was worried of being crowded. After I met you and your daughters,I thought,maybe I could reveal my true self. But I thought again. I thought,maybe they'll hate me for not revealing myself earlier. Or,maybe they'll pay no attention to me.

Noelle:It's fine with us. Isn't it?

Nanami:Yeah. And you've got all of PreCure's help!

Nikora:But isn't Kaname,one of our generation?

Miami:Yeah,she is.

Nanami:What's the big deal?

Nikora:She was supposed to be...Sparkle! Check the Soul Radar when Kaname's powers were meant to be found!

Yuriko:They were meant to be found before...Michiru's powers were revealed. To be honest...Michiru isn't in this generation. She's the future!

Suteki:Basically,when Michiru powers were discovered,it was actually supposed to be Kaname?

Nikora:(points at Nanami) Well that's plenty of information that YOU didn't know!

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