Amazing! We've Found The Third Cure! (素晴らしい!我々は我々の第三キュアを見つけた!Subarashī!Wareware wa wareware no dai san kyua o mitsuketa)

Subarashī!Wareware wa wareware no dai san kyua o mitsuketa!
Sparkle! Diamond PreCure episode 03
"Amazing! We've Found The Third Cure!"
Air date October 26 2013
Episode Guide
Opening Kira Kira Diamond PreCure
Ending Sparkling Happiness
Directed by CureJade2910
Written by CureJade2910

-Shows the last two lines of previous episode then opening occurs-

Penny:There is more to fight-penu.

Nikora:More? Like,thousands?

Penny:Most likely-penu

Nanami:Eh? You mean there is going to be loads of Miratix and two of us?

Penny:No, you will have to find the other cures-penu

Nikora: So how do we know people are PreCure?

Penny: Em...I'm not sure-penu

-Shows Calendar On Next Day Being Marked-

Nanami: How are we supposed to find the other lot. Morning Nikora.

Nikora:Good morning Nanami,Penny.

Penny:Can I eat some salmon-penu?

Nanami:Hey you'll catch mother's attention.

Nikora:She'll think something suspicious

Nanami:Anyway, you ate about 6 plates of salmon. Salmon is healthy for you but you have to have a mixed diet.

Penny:When is next time I can have salmon-penu?

Nanami:Next week. Same day. And please don't be selfish with the salmon. I have a huge heart for it (has tearful eyes and wipes her eyes with a handkerchief).

Nikora:(facepalm) I thought you had a huge heart for vanilla flavored ice cream topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Nanami:(smiles) I do but...salmon. It's flavor so great.

-Shows the school-

Teacher:Okay everyone be quiet!

Nanami&Nikora:(sits down) What's going on?

Teacher:Today we have another new student.

Ichigo: Another new student?

???:(walks in then looks at class)

Teacher:This is Sheriona Noelle.

Noelle:I am... (looks at the twins)


Noelle:Er.. Sorry! I am Sheriona Noelle...Those twins... I know them...they're my friends...when,I was little.

Teacher: Thank you Sheriona... Can you sit at the seat under the twins please.


Nanami:Er...(whispers)Hey Nikora, isn't that Noelle? The girl that we always hung out with?

Nikora:Yeah...that is Noelle.

Noelle:(frowns) Those two have obviously forgot about me... They're famous now. They would obviously hang out with other famous stars than me now

Ichigo:Ah.. You know her?

Nanami: Yeah, she was our childhood friend. I hope she remembers us.

-Shows the lunch garden. Ichigo finds Noelle and goes to her-

Ichigo:Hey Sheriona! Can I call you Noelle?


Ichigo:Cool! Can I sit with you?

Noelle:Err..yeah. I was going to ask you that anyway.

Ichigo:The twins told me you were their friend.

Noelle:They did? Oh.

Ichigo:What's wrong?

Noelle: Nothing,I just don't think they remember me. I mean,they're now famous people now. Nanami would rather hang out with people like her I guess.

Ichigo:Don't worry I'm sure they'll remember you. Anyway I've finished and I have a job to do. I can't find Nanami or Nikora here. Maybe they'll sit with you at lunch.


-It shows Noelle walking. The twins see her and walking to her-

Noelle:The girls didn't sit next to me... I have no friends at all(cries silently)

Nanami:Why Nikora,I wanted to have the salmon.

Nikora:Remember what you send to Penny? Well,the same affects us okay?

Nanami:Hey look! It's Noelle! Hey! Noelle!

Noelle:(turns around) Nanami? Nikora? (smiles) You remember me !

Nikora:Yeah! What made you think we would forget about you!


-While this happens, a boy is upset about not being allowed to do some fishing.-

Boy:Dad,Can I try doing some of it ?

Father:Sorry,you failed last time and almost drowned.

Boy:Oh,(Diamond Soul darkens)maybe I could practice

Faden: Are you sure? You could fish all you want!

Father:Err..What's going on!

Faden:Silent you old man! Come out Diamond Soul!

Boy:(screams then Diamond Soul is taken out)

Faden: Make the monster that will create the dark future! ( Fishing Rod Miratix appears)


Nanami:Ehh? Another one!

Nikora:I can't believe you forget what Penny said earlier!

Penny:(pops out of Nanami's bag) You should transform-penu.

Nanami&Nikora: PreCure Celestial Wave!

-Transformation occurs-

Jade:The Diamond with the Wind of Protection,Cure Jade!

Topaz:The Diamond with the Shine of Truth,Cure Topaz!

Jade&Topaz:The diamonds that glow and will erase the evil in your heart,Sparkle! Diamond PreCure!

Noelle:Ahh..You transformed!


Jade:This should be easy. (Backround for Jade Impact appears) PreCure,Jade Imapct!

Faden:Pathetic Fool! This one is more extracted! There's no way you can defeat this!

Miratix:Mira!(Whips rod at Jade and Topaz) Tix!

Jade&Topaz: Ahhh! (The two are thrown on the ground)

Faden:Miratix! Finished them off! I'll finally get some Dark Elixir!

Noelle:No! (Stands in front of Jade and Topaz)



Faden:Go away you pest! I'll take your Diamond Soul as well! Come out Diamond Soul!

-Light tries to catch Noelle's Diamond Soul however unable to and Soul creates Cure Shiny-

Faden:(eyes widen) Not again! What are you going to do now?

Penny:You're a PreCure-penu! I thought I sensed a positive presence from you-penu!

Noelle:What do I do?

Penny:Say "PreCure Celestial Wave"-penu!

Noelle:You mean I say what Nanami and Nikorr...No! I mean Jade and Topaz said?

Penny:Yes-penu! Hurry!

Noelle:PreCure Celestial Wave!

-Transforms into Cure Emerald-

Emerald:The Diamond with the Gate to Hope,Cure Emerald!

Faden:Eh! Another one?


Jade:You transformed!

Emerald:(turns round to Jade and Topaz and smiles)

Jade:(stands up) Prepare to meet your enemies' true power!

Topaz:Now that's agreed!

Faden:Yeah right! You're still weak!

Emerald:But I'm not! PreCure,Emerald Shot!

-Attack hits Miratix-

Miratix:Kira Kira!

Jade,Topaz&Emerald:(revert back to normal selves)

Nikora:Noelle you did it!

Noelle:I did!

Penny:There are many more challenges ahead of you and many other Cures await for your search-penu

-Ending starts-