Ruri Yumesaki
Yumesaki Ruri
Personal Information
Birthday DateApril 19
Hair ColorBrown (Ruri)

Light Yellow (Cure Light)

Eye ColorBrown (Ruri)

Light Yellow (Cure Light)

Home PlaceJewel Town
Alter EgoCure Light
Theme ColorYellow (main)

orange and white(sub)

Anime Information
SeasonHappiness Shine Precure!
First AppearanceHSPC01

Ruri Yumesaki (夢咲テるり Yumesaki Ruri?) is one of the main cures from Happiness Shine Precure!. A 14 years old girl with a shy persnality. She was often bullied by his friends, and always saved by Ran. Ruri was born in rich family, but shy and reserved. after she became Cure Light, she be friends with Ran and Minami. Her catchphrase is "Freedom!". Her alter ego is Cure Light (キュア月 Kyua Raito?)



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