Personal Information
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlue
Anime Information
SeasonChange! Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceC!PC01
 Ruai is one of mascots from Change! Pretty Cure! She is cat like mascot and came to Earth to find Pretty Cure along with Yataro and Aika.


Ruai is friendly girl and usually very polite but expection is when she is with Yataro, beacause they always end up arguing. 


Ruai appeared for the first time in first episode, when she was on Momoko's roof and arguing with Yataro while Aika was playing. She was seen later in park along with Yataro and Aika when Momoko became Cure Orchid.


Aika  - Even though both Ruai and Aika were in bad mood when they had to go searching for pretty cure together and babysitting Aika they both care very much for Aika.

Yataro  - Yataro and Ruai know each other since they were very young and were always arguing. They were in very bad mood when they had to go searching for pretty cure together but in the end find out that they love each other.


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