Royal Princess PreCure
ロイヤル プリンセ スプリキュア
Roiyaru Purinsesu Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 17 2015
Opening SongGlimmer! Royal Princess PreCure
Ending SongJewel Courage
Series Info
PredecessorFloral PreCure
SuccessorWave PreCure

Royal Princess PreCure (ロイヤル プリンセ スプリキュア Roiyaru Purinsesu Purikyua) is the third PreCure to CureJade2910's Series.


Royal Princess PreCure Episodes

In the Royalty Land there was a crystal kept the land in peace. However one day, the crystal is stolen! The Treasure Kingdom is accused of stealing it. The Princess then finds out that the crystal was stolen by a evil kingdom know as the Disloyatly Kingdom. As the Princess is on her way to convince the Royalty Kingdom that the Treasure Kingdom didn't steal the crystal she is killed. The Queen of the Treasure Kingdom turns her daughter into a reincarnation and sends her to Earth before the kingdom is destroyed.



Kinkawa Kirara/Cure Gold

Kirara is a caring person that is the Student Council President. She is usually saves her money even though she is tempted to spend it on food (mainly cakes or doughnuts). She can be quite anti-social when she is studying or when reading but secretly is eager to talk. She is Cure Gold and her theme colour is Gold.

Gintsuki Houseki/Cure Silver

Houseki (usually called "Seki") is a childhood friend of Kirara however lost contact with her for a very long time. She reunites with her when she transfers schools.She isn't very into studying and is trying to get Kirara to be less anti-social. She is Cure Silver and her theme colour is Silver.

Akaiokan Sara/ Cure Velvet

Sara is a young girl and is the reincarnation of the Princess of the Treasure Kingdom that the Queen sent (however she does not know this). Before becoming Cure Velvet, she has dreams about her original home . She is Cure Velvet and her theme colour is Red.



Jewel is the first mascot to appear and like Kirara, quite anti-social when it comes to reading.


Jewel's cousin and doesn't like Jewel being anti-social.


King Disloyal

The main villain.


The first villain to appear. His powers are shattered glass.


The second villain to appear. Her powers are shadows.


The third and most powerful villain to appear. Her powers are ropes.


The monsters used in the series.



Crown Bracelet

Transformation device of Kirara and Seki. To transform they say "PreCure Royal Swirl"

Crown Necklace

Transformation device of Sara. To transform she says the same words as Kirara and Seki

Royal Throne

Throne of the Treasure Land