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This is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series!
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Royal Family
is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series and belongs to Yousei A. Sina

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Royal Family
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
First AppearanceSky Pretty Cure 01

The ruling family of Skyriver, the Royal Family of Skyriver is the family that keeps law over the country of rainbows. The duties of the royal family is to watch over the Taboos and over the sacred items that hold the power of light and hope. One of these items is the Heavenly Tiara, which is also known as Tiara of Skyriver.


  • Princess Alexa - Alexa is the crown princess of Skyriver and the only member that the Cures meet. Alexa is the current owner of the Tiara of Skyriver.


Royal Family | Scarlet | Yellow | Mandarine | Green | Blue | White | Pink | Purple

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