Rosetta PreCure
ロゼッタ プリキュア
Rozetta Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebuary 4 2020
Opening SongSparkling! Rosetta PreCure!
Ending SongRose Star (Ep 1-24)

Bara no Houseki (Ep 25-49)

Series Info
PredecessorAqua Serenade PreCure
SuccessorStarlight! Night PreCure

Rosetta PreCure(ロゼッタ プリキュア Rozetta Purikyua) is the ninth series to CureJade2910's PreCure.


Rosetta PreCure Episodes

The Rose Garden is crowded with people as they arrive to see the Glitter Rose bloom and spread peace to all worlds. On the day before the event Shinabiru arrives and turns the Glitter Rose into the Dusted Rose! But Queen Rosa finds a piece of the Rose that wasn't changed. She sends the remaining piece with Bara to Earth to find PreCure.



Barakawa Ayami/Cure Petal

Ayami is a shy and smart leader of the team. She is quite lonely and is called a geek. She used to wear glasses because she was called names and gave up convincing others she wasn't a geek. She becomes Cure Petal.

Kiranaga Kaori/Cure Scent

Kaori is the second member of the team. She is the fashionable person and her parents are perfume makers. She changes Ayami's style and is eager to help others. She is quite loud and rebellious. Her ego is Cure Scent.

Tuschihoshi Hana/Cure Nature

Hana is third member of team. She has a kind and calm nature but somehow has a raging temper. Her parents own a restaurant and a fortune shrine. She is separated from her mother but enjoys her time with the rest of her family. Her cure ego is Cure Nature.

Chogami Kaze/Cure Lace

Kaze is the fourth member of the team. She is a her parents are designers and she hopes to have a future like them. She is popular and bit clever. She doesn't exactly enjoy studying and is a bit lazy. She is Cure Lace.

Mahō Miryoku/Cure Enchant

Miryoku is the final member of the team. She is a tsundere that lives with her grandmother. She is actually a kind person that can cook. Miryoku is the eldest. Her ego is Cure Enchant



The first mascot of the series. She comes from the Rose Garden and had a fragment of the Glitter Rose.


Ribbon is the second mascot that Queen Rosa sent to Earth. She appears later in the series as Queen Rosa had only sent half the Glitter Rose fragment with Bara so she sent Ribbon with the last piece.



The main villain of the series.


The first helper of Shinabiru to appear. His powers are thorns and spikes.


The second helper to appear. Her powers are dust and blizzards.


The series' monsters


Rosette Bracelet

Transformation device of the Cures. To transform they shout out "PreCure! Rose Serenity Wave!".

Floral Perfume

A perfume bottle. Each cure has an individual one in their theme colours.

Glitter Rose

The source of creation of the Rose Garden. It is turned into the Dusted Rose by the villains. Which cause the Rose Garden to collapse.


  • Rose Garden -

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