Rose! Pretty Cure
Rōzu! Purikyua
General Information
Created onAugust 2013
Created byFairySina
Cure Alumi
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From Series'Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure

Chikara! Pretty Cure 5! (Love-Love!)

Rose! Pretty Cure (ローズ!プリキュア Rōzu! Purikyua?) is a crossover series starring Mimino Rose from Chikara! Pretty Cure 5! (Love-Love!) and Tsukikage Rose from Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure.




Tsukikage Rose (月影 ローズ Tsukikage Rōzu?)
Rose is the oldest in the series at 17 years old. She tried to defend the Mirage Kingdom because she was the princess, but, having ultimately failed, had sent three mascots to find the remaining Mirage Pretty Cures (who will not make an appearance in this fan series). Her Pretty Cure identity is Cure Moonlight Mirage and her theme colors are silver and dark purple.

Cream (クリーム Kurīmu)/Mimino Rose (美々野ローズ Mimino Rōzu)
Cream is Milk's daughter. Cream resembles a white and purple lop rabbit. She is able to transform into a human. As human, her Name is Mimino Rose. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Creamy Flower (クリーミーフラワー Kurīmī Furawā). As a mascot, she Ends her sentences with "~cre".


Kira (キラ Kira)
Kira is Rose's mascot. Kira is the oldest mascot in this series and ends his sentences with "~kira!"

Cocoa (ココア Kokoa)
Cocoa is a creature from the Palmier Kingdom and Cream's friend. She end her sentences with "~koa".




  • Mirage Kingdom - The kingdom where Rose used to live before Taika destroyed it.
  • Palmier Kingdom - Cream's and Cocoa's homeplace.


  • Super Mirage Module - This is the item Rose uses to transform. She transforms by shouting "Pretty Cure! Let's Mirage!"
  • Creamy Palette - Cream's item, she uses to transform into Creamy Rose by saying "Skyrose Translate".
  • Mirage Baton - This is the item used for purification attacks by Cure Moonlight Mirage.
  • Creamy Mirror - Creamy Flower's main weapon.


  • The Name Rose! Pretty Cure was created by Cure Coco.
  • Rose! Pretty Cure is the first series with only one Cure and an ally.
    • Also, it is the first where neither of the Cures' real forms are their civilian forms (Mimino Rose's real form is Cream, while Tsukikage Rose's real form is Cure Moonlight Mirage).