Rika Tsumetai
Rika Tsumetai
冷たい リカ
Tsumetai Rika
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Blue (Rika)

Light Blue (Belle)

Eye ColorBlue
RelativesTsumetai Kaname (mother)

Tsumetai Yuki (father)

Alter EgoCure Belle
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
SeasonBeautiful Life Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceBLPC03
Rika Tsumetai (冷たい リカ Tsumetai Rika) is one of the main cures in Beautiful Life Pretty Cure! She is an elegant girl who loves archery. She is a shrine maiden and is very talented at lots of things. Her alter ego is Cure Belle (キュア ベル Kyua Beru) and she controls the power of ice and water.


Rika has dark blue hair that she keeps down with bangs on either side of her face. Her eye colour is blue. Her casual outfit is a light blue cardigan with a white dress underneath, a blue ribbon tied around her waist and white slip on shoes.

As Cure Belle, her outfit is the same as her Bad End alter ego, Bad End Beauty.


Rika is a elegant, kind and smart girl who is a talented archer. She is the shrine maiden of Suisaiga Shrine and can do karate and is a very good sword fighter. She is on the swimming team and is Hareta and Mion's best friend.

As Cure Belle, her shoes/tights can become ice skates that allow her to ice skate on frozen water.



Cure Belle




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