Ribbon Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 1 ~Sewing Magic~ (リボンプリキュア!ボーカルアルバム1〜縫うマジック〜 Ribon Purikyua! Bōkaru Arubamu 1 〜 nuu majikku 〜) is the first Ribbon Precure! vocal album.
The album contains the first opening and ending themes of the show, as well as character songs featuring the voice actresses for Risa Chine and Misa Chine.

Track # Title Time
01 Tales of Ribbon Pretty Cure!

Ribon Purikyua no monogatari!

The opening song for Ribbon Precure!
02 Brilliant Life!
ブリリアント ライフ!
Buririanto Raifu!
The character image song for Risa Chine.
03 Lovely Style
Raburī Sutairu
The character image song for Misa Chine.
04 Ribbon Duo
Ribon De~yuo
The character image song for Risa Chine and Misa Chine.
05 Fasshonaburu na jikan
Fasshonaburu na jikan
"Fashionable Time"
The character image song for Risa Chine and Misa Chine.
07 Yami no mojiretsu
Yami no mojiretsu
"String of Darkness"
The character image song of Dark String
08 Kyūto de fuwafuwa
Kyūto de fuwafuwa
"Cute and Fluffy"
The character image song of Ribo and Bowa.
09 Zairyō no tanoshimi!
Zairyō no tanoshimi!
"Material Fun"
The ending song for Ribbon Precure!

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