Ribbon Pretty Cure! The Movie 2: Yumi is back?! Rainbow String needs protecting! is the second made-up movie for the fan series Ribbon Precure! by CureKanade.



Pretty Cure

Risa Chine/Cure Ribbon - Risa is the shy and intelligent cure of the trio. She wears a white tank top over a short sleeved pale pink shirt, white cargo pant and pink and white sneakers.

Misa Chine/Cure Bow - Misa is the cheerful and sporty cure of the trio. She wears a blue dress shirt, black skirt with a white belt around the waist and black knee-length boots.

Mia Shine/Cure String - Mia is the nice and artistic cure of the trio. She wears a knee length lilac dress with a silver belt around the waist, white thigh length stocking and lilac sandals.





Movie Exclusive

Yumi - Yumi is the mysterious thirteen year old girl from Ribbon Precure! The Movie: Protect the Golden Ribbon!. She wears a short sleeved red dress with red slip on shoes.

Yume -

Boss -

Dark Velvet Pretty Cure -

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