Rhythm! PreCure
リズム! プリキュア
Rizumu! Purikyua
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebuary 15 2026
Opening SongRhythm! Musical Dancing! PreCure
Ending SongBeat Melody (Ep 1-24)

COUNTDOWN! (Ep 25-49)

Series Info
PredecessorStyle Sense PreCure
SuccessorPattern PreCure

Rhythm! PreCure (リズム! プリキュア Rizumu! Purikyua),officially 🎵Rhythm! PreCure🎵! is the fifteenth series to CureJade2910's PreCure.


Rhythm! PreCure Episodes

Musical Kingdom is the Kingdom of Music and Dance until Silence breaks the Rhapsody Stone. Rhapsody Stone is the Stone that can keep Music and Dance in balanced and tune. Without it Music and Dance moves are lost and Music is gone leaving silence! Tune and her sister Step head to Earth to find PreCure!



Dentō Maihime/Cure Nadeshiko

Maihime is the leader of the team. Her parents run a popular Nadeshiko Dance school and she rarely gets to see them. She doesn't want to carry the tradition at first but later changes her mind. Her ego is Cure Nadeshiko and represents Japanese traditional dance.

Hishō Hinto/Cure Floaty

Hinto is the second member of the team. She wishes to become a ballet dancer but is forbidden to do so. She is very shy and isn't able to stand up for herself until she becomes PreCure. Her ego is Cure Floaty and represents Ballet.

Chōyaku Hyōshi/Cure Bounce

The Third Member. She likes Street dance and spicy foods. She hates to study and can be angry most times. Her ego is Cure Bounce and represents Hip Hop and Street Dance.

Tsurai/Cure Castanet

Tsurai is the fourth member. She is mysterious and doesn't know her family. Later it is found out that she has Amnesia since an infant. She is 16 but later become 17 and act childishly but is very serious. Her ego is Cure Castanet and represents Flamenco.



The First Mascot. She somehow seems to have a connection with Tsurai and knows lots about her.


The Other Mascot. Beat's twin sister. She tries to hog Her from Tsurai but is never successful.



The main villain


The first minion of Silence.


The other Minion. Later it's found out that she is Tsurai's younger sister.


The monsters used for the series.


Melody Bracelet

Transformation device of the team. To transform,they shout out "PreCure! Beatful Blessing!"