Rena Hikaru
Rena Hikaru
ヒカル レナ
Hikaru Rena
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Yellow (Rena)

Dark Yellow (Serenity)

Eye ColorLight Yellow (Rena)

Dark Yellow (Serenity)

RelativesShizuka Hikaru (mother)

Kiun Hikaru (father)

Alter EgoCure Serenity
Theme ColorDark Yellow
Anime Information
SeasonBeautiful Life Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceBLPC02
Rena Hikaru (ヒカル レナ Hikaru Rena?)  is one of the main characters in Beautiful Life Pretty Cure! She loves drawing people and is also quite cute. Her alter ego is  Cure Serenity (キュアセレニティ Kyua Sereniti)  and she controls the power of lightning.


Rena has light yellow hair that comes up to her shoulders, goes up in a side ponytail that curls at the end. Her eyes are light yellow. Her casual outfit is a yellow long sleeved knee length dress with a brown belt around the waist and brown ankle boots.

As Cure Serenity, her outfit is the same as her Bad End alter ego, Bad End Peace.


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