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Reisui Mizu
冷水 ミズ
Reisui Mizu
Personal Information
SeasonFrozen Pretty Cure
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorAqua
Alter EgoCure Ice
Theme ColorPink (main)
Blue (sub)
Anime Information
First AppearanceFPC01

Reisui Mizu (冷水 ミズ Reisui Mizu?), alter ego Cure Ice is the protagonist and "leader" of Frozen Pretty Cure.


Mizu is a rather airhead, excitable, and also easily nervous at the same time. Despite her name, she loves Summer (Kori doesn't).



Reisui (冷水) - Reisui means "cold water", referring to her alter ego Cure Ice.

Mizu (ミズ) - Mizu (水) means "water".


Toketsu Kori - First person Kori befriended.


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