Personal Information
Birthday Dateunknown
Hair ColorReine : Yellow

Cure Rainbow : Blue then trun to purple

Eye ColorReine : Purple

Cure Rainbow : Light Blue

Home PlacePrism Kingdom
RelativesKaguya Hime

Husband (ran off from Prism Kingdom)

Alter EgoCure Rainbow
Theme ColorRainbow
Anime Information
First AppearanceLPC05 (Flashback)

Reine (レーヌ Reine?) she is a minor character from ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ. She is the queen of Prism Kingdom and Kaguya Hime's mother.


She have a long yellow hair and purple eyes. She wearing a blue and white wedding dress with tiara in head.


She have a bright , cheerful, friendly, and caring personality. she very loves her daughter Kaguya and to her public, but that's changed since the king escaped from prism kingdom and left alone with her Kaguya, her nature becomes moody. She very love ice skating.

therefore the cures getting power to perform prism dance, it may be able to find where Reine.



  • reine is the name of the French language that means "queen". this proves that she is the queen of the prism kingdom.

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