This is a list of episodes for Reborn Pretty Cure 5!

Episode # Title Attacks Villains Air Date
01 Purorōgu: Omoide ga nakunatte! Dākupurikyua 5 ga fukkatsu shite iru!
"Prologue: Memories gone! Dark Pretty Cure 5 are revived!"
??? ??? 2013-05-11
The episode starts with Hidarin and Migirin telling the audience that we are going back in time to see the Dark Pretty Cure 5 girls fight the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 girls. We then see the DPC5 girls fighting YPC5 girls seperately. We watch Dark Rouge, Lemonade, Mint and Aqua die and watch as Dark Dream join the YPC5 girls. We then watch Cure Dream almost get killed by Shadow but is saved from Dark Dream who gets hit. We watch Dark Dream die in Cure Dream's arms then we go to where Hidarin and Migirin are saying that now the DPC5 girls are revived then we go to a town called Takekawa. We see  five girls in five different sections of the screen doing their own things.
02 Wakai otome no yume o mite tamashī ga umarete iru!
"Dreaming soul of a young maiden is born!"
Dreaming Life Sweet 2013-05-18
Inoru catches her bus home from school and daydreams about herself being someone else in the past. She wakes up from her slumber to find that she missed her stop. She ends up getting off at the next stop and walks home. She gets scowled by her sister Saku and her mother for being late and ends up falling asleep on the couch downstairs. She wakes up in the middle of the night to hear whispering in the basement. She creeps down with a broom in her hand thinking there is a burgular. She sees two teddy bear creatures talking to each other and she drops the broom and screams which wakes the whole house up. Her sister and parents come running down and Inoru lies that she saw rats and its nothing to worry about. She goes back to her room to see the teddy bears lying down on her bed chatting. She asks who they and they intoduce theirselves as Hidarin and Migirin. Her window then smashes open and she sees a woman standing there who tries to grab the mascots but is stopped by Inoru's wrist. She slaps Inoru hard in the face making Inoru fly backwards into her bedroom wall hard. She moans painfully and sees Hidarin and Migirin being corned in her bedroom. She wishes to save them somehow but knows she can't. That's when a pink butterfly flies in through the broken window and lands on Inoru's wrist, transforming into the Lovely Catch. Inoru transforms into Cure Dreaming and saves Migirin but Hidarin gets captured by Sweet who disappears out the window. Cure Dreaming uses her attack Dreaming Life and aims it at Sweet's arms. Dreaming Life gets Sweet who drops Hidarin and disappears before the attack hurts her too much. Migirin and Hidarin thank Inoru and they walk back into Inoru's bedroom and they say while lying down on Inoru's bed that they will live with her for a while.
03 Honō no jōnetsu-tekina pawā! Koko de Kyua Faia ga kuru!
"Passionate power of flames! Here comes Cure Fire!"
Fire Soul Sweet 2013-05-25
Inoru is sitting on the grassy hill watching her best friend Kaon and her teamates versing another team from a different school in a game of soccer. Kaon, who is goalie, protects the goal when the ball flies at her. She hits it back into the field instead of catching it and hurts her hand badly. After the game Kaon runs over to Inoru who says nice save and asks if her hand is okay. Kaon says its okay and doesn't tell Inoru that it hurts really badly. The next day Kaon does volleyball training with Inoru. Kaon hits the ball hard to score a point and at the same time her hand starts stinging again. She stops playing leaving Inoru confused. Inoru talks to Migirin and Hidarin who says that maybe Kaon hand still hurts. Inoru goes to Kaon's house on the weekend and ask if her hand is alright. Kaon says yes and tells her to go back home. Migirin stays behind and follows Kaon all over the place. Inoru is eating ice-cream with Saku when Sweet appears again, but this time turns Saku's ice-cream into a Kowaina. Inoru quickly jumps up and tells Saku to go home. Inoru transforms and battles the Kowaina as best as she can. Meanwhile Kaon walks past to see a red butterfly hovering near the Kowaina and Cure Dreaming attacking it. Kaon looks down at her hand and starts walking to the doctor but a blast of ice-cream hit Kaon, gluing her to the wall. Kaon struggles and watches Cure Dreaming have the same thing done to her. Kaon cries out and the red butterfly lands on her sore wrist. A red light surrounds Kaon, causeing her to be free of the sticky ice-cream. Kaon transforms into Cure Fire. Cure Fire realises that Migirin was clapping causing Cure Fire to freak out and run into the Kowaina making her scream. Cure Fire stares at Cure Dreaming then uses her attack, Fire Soul, to free her and then uses Fire Soul again on the Kowaina. Cure Fire detransforms and watches Cure Dreaming detransform into Inoru. Inoru smiles and says that Kaon is a really good screamer picks up Migirin and walks with Kaon to the doctors.
04 Kōfun o baburingu! Kyua Baburu gaikan ni narimasu!
"Bubbling excitement! Cure Bubbles makes an appearance!"
Bubbles Dance Sour 2013-06-01
05 Utsukushī hanabira wa watashitachi subete o hogo!
"A beautiful petal protects us all! "
Petal Barrier Sour 2013-06-08
06 Kyua Sutorīmu kawa o kudaru yūga ni ukabu!
"Cure Stream floats gracefully down the river!"
Stream Cry Sour 2013-06-15
07 Subete atsume! Memori daiyamondo o mitsukeru tame ni, kuesuto ga akiraka ni sa reru!
"All gathered! Quest to find the Memory Diamond is revealed!"
Fire Soul Sweet 2013-06-22
08 Yume? Dare ga kono shinpi-tekina on'nanokodesu?
"A dream? Who is this mysterious girl?"
Dreaming Life Sweet


09 Daiyamondo ga hajimaru memori o kensaku!
"Search for the Memory Diamond begins!"
Bubbles Dance Sour 2013-07-06
10 Sono moto no Anko no anata no atama o nyūshu!
"Get your head out of that book Anko!"
Petal Barrier

Stream Cry

Sweet 2013-07-13
11 Rōzu in Rōzu. Kaori no aidoru seikatsu.
"Rose in Rose. Kaori's idol life. "
Bubbles Dance Sweet


12 Sono kyua wa daredesu ka? Shinpi-tekina purikyua ga tōjō!
"Who is that Cure? A mysterious Pretty Cure appears!"
Shooting Star Mask 2013-07-27
13 2013-08-03
14 2013-08-10
15 2013-08-17
16 2013-08-24
17 2013-08-31
18 2013-09-07
19 2013-09-14
20 2013-09-21