Ready! Pretty Cure Mode! is a series created by Cure Believe, and its motif focuses on stoplights.


A different Pretty Cure adventure begins when an evil army is plotting to remove the lights' green color so they can only move on yellow... but the young mascot Flash has been chosen to find the three Pretty Cure that will stop this craziness!

Flash doesn't actually find the Cures though. He drops down three Cure Lights and lets the first three girls who find them earn Pretty Cure powers. And one of them falls right on Tsukikage's head...



Hirameku Tsukikage / Cure Ready
A 12 year old running champion and always ready for anything, Tsukikage is in her last year of elementary school and wishes to become a superhero before the new leaf of junior high. She is a believer of wishes and feels hope that anything can come true if you work hard into making it true. As Cure Ready, she introduces herself as The adventure is just getting started! Cure Ready!

Ataisuru Shinrai / Cure Set

Nagai Miru / Cure Start




Cure Light
The transformation device of the Cures. They transform by shouting "Pretty Cure Mode Go!" once the device's light hits green.


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