Rainbow Power I Believe! is Rainbow Power Pretty Cure opening. 


At the begining rainbow appear. In red part, Cure Ruby is flying, in orange part Cure Amber is flying, in yellow part Cure Gelb is flying, in green part Cure Leaf is flying and in blue part Cure Sky is flying. No one is flying in Indigo and Violet part. Cures jump of the rainbow and rainbow turns in series logo. 

After logo disappear Scarlett is walking to the classroom. In the classroom she ran to the Ayaka and starts to talk with her, Nadeshiko is watching them and smiles. Kuroko is standing in front of the classroom of their class but is afraid to go in. 

Chiharu is walking in the park and suddenly saw Scarlett, Ayaka, Kuroko and Nadeshiko and run to them.

Mysterius window appear and after that someone use color box. 

Girls appear in their cure form this time. They are fighting nocolors. They each used attack on it and at the end and scene changes to five girls in human form sitting in the Kuroko's garden with Sunny, Rainy and Rainfairies. 


In episode 27 Cure Indigo and Violet are flying in Indigo and Violet part of the rainbow. The scene with window changes, the window opened and Taruko and Michiru are looking out of the window. Before someone use color box two mysterius shadows, Cure Indigo and Violet appear. 

In episode 36 mysterius shadows scene is changed with Taruko and Michiru's short transformation to Cure Indigo and Violet. When the girls are fighting nocolor they appear and attacked it with them. At the end Taruko and Michiru are sitting with other five in Kuroko's garden.


Cooming soon...

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