The Rainbow Palette is the hensin item for the cures in Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure.


The Rainbow Palette first appears in the first episode as the Rainbow Stones. Before becoming a Rainbow Palette, it is a stone with a rainbow glow. After it beocmes a Rainbow Palette, it is shaped like a Smile Pact on the outside, but it is gold with a rainbow circling it on top.Inside, it is black with a gold dial (similliar to the mix commune) with a small hole on it. When the cures transform, they put it on their chest with a ribbon.As civillians, they carry it using a round white fanny pack with a rainbow ribbon tied on it.


Rainbow Palette is used to transform the cures. It could also be used for other things, such as, feeding,bathing,and playing with the mascots, To transform, the cures need to open the palette, spin the dial and wave their hand in front of it.For other uses, they need to insert one drop of a Cure Paint into the small hole.


  • The Rainbow Palette is similliar to the Heart Perfume,Smile Pact and Lovely Commune, because they can be inserted with small objects.But the Cure Paint is not inserted in to the Rainbow Palette, instead, they use a drop of the Cure Paint
  • The Rainbow Palette is also similliar to the Mix Commune, because both items have dials to spin.

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