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Rainbow Pact J

The Rainbow Pact in Rainbow Star

The Rainbow Pact (レインボーパクト Reinbō Pakuto?) is a mythical item that appears in the Sky Pretty Cure Series. The Rainbow Pact makes it debut in the first season. The Rainbow Pact is used to collect the legendary Rainbow Tears and turn their power into the legendary crystals once all Tears are collected.

In Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~, the Rainbow Pact appears along with Purple and Pink, when they arrive at earth. Together with the powers of those two, the Rainbow Pact grants Koshokukoi Rubellit and Murasakiiro Amethyst the power to transform into Pretty Cure, by shouting "Double Rainbow Painting!".


In the first season, the Rainbow Pact is used to collect the lost Rainbow Tears. After collecting every Tear, the Pact creates the sacred Crystals which the Cures need to save the world. In the second season, the Rainbow Pact is used by Rubellit and Amethyst to transform into Pretty Cure. The Heaven Crystals still exist in the Pact and the Cures can use them.


  • The Rainbow Pact is the first transformation item of the sequel which also appeared in the prequel.


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