Rainbow Miracle Pretty Cure! Bright Colors! is the sequel to Rainbow Miracle Pretty Cure! Ami is revived, but she must take a new Cure ego. Also, a new hero is added to the team.


Although the Rainbow of Miracles and the colors have been protected, Ami had risked her life to save the others. Luckily, she has been given another chance at life thanks to the princess Nijiiro. There's a catch though; Ami must transform into another Pretty Cure, and the team later meets Konata, who transforms into Lovely Rainbow! To save the World of Colors, the Cures will step back into action!



No last names confirmed so far, except for Hoshiko!
Chika/Cure Flame

Chikari Hoshiko/Cure Star

Niki/Cure Thunder

Rika/Cure Nature

Yuuki/Cure River

Ami/Cure Crepuscular

Konata/Lovely Rainbow






  • Rainbow Miracle Pretty Cure! Bright Colors! is the first season where a Cure has to gain a new Cure ego, with a completely different name and appearance.

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