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Rainbow Miracle Pretty Cure! is Cure Believe's 21st fan series, originating from the idea of rainbow-themed heroes.


The story all begins on a cold, winter Saturday, when 14-year-old Chika runs into an odd looking creature. The creature introduces itself as Niji, looking for the Pretty Cure to save the colors of the world and to protect the Rainbow of Miracles. With courage at a maximum, Chika transforms into Cure Flame! Later joining her is Hoshiko, Niki, Rika, Yuuki, and Ami, and the Pretty Cure will protect our colors!



No last names confirmed so far, except for Hoshiko!
Chika/Cure Flame

Chikari Hoshiko/Cure Star

Niki/Cure Thunder

Rika/Cure Nature

Yuuki/Cure River

Ami/Cure Hope






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