Rainbow Butterfly Pretty Cure
レインボー バタフライ プリキュア
Reinbō Batafurai Purikyua
General Information
DirectorUser:Cure Ange
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunFebruary 7, 2016 - July 31, 2016
Opening SongFLY! Butterflies of the Sky
Ending SongSoar
Series Info
PredecessorOcean Splash Pretty Cure!
SuccessorFuture Butterfly Pretty Cure
Rainbow Butterfly Pretty Cure (レインボー バタフライ プリキュア Reinbō Batafurai Purikyua) is the second Pretty Cure fanseries created by User:Cure Ange. The show is to air on February 7, 2016 and the themes are butterflies and friendship.


Rainbow Butterfly Pretty Cure Episodes


Pretty Cure

Hisan Sora (飛散 そら Hisan Sora) is the main character of Rainbow Butterfly Pretty Cure. She is a Pretty Cure from White Heaven Kingdom who prefers fighting all by herself. Sora has a stubborn personality but she can be very nice to everyone around her. Sora's alter ego is Cure Swallowtail (キュア スワロウテイル Kyua Suwarōteiru) and she has the power of holy light and healing.

Kajitsu Akari (果実 あかり Kajitsu Akari) is the other main character of Rainbow Butterfly Pretty Cure. She is a cheerful girl who loves playing basketball and softball. Akari has a strong love for sweets and books, and you never see her without a book at school. Her alter ego is Cure Milkweed (キュア ミルクウィード Kyua Mirukuu~īdo) and she has the power of light and plants.


Papillon (パピヨン Papiyon) is Sora's mascot partner. She has a calm personality and tends to search up info on the Soaring Commune about the missing Butterfly Amulet. She ends her sentences with "~yoyo".

Danainae (ダナイナエ Danainae) is Akari's mascot partner.


Venator (ベナットー Benattō) is the leader of Kariudo.

Cavea (ケイビーアー Keibīā) is the first subordinate of Kariudo to appear.

Insidiae (インシディアエ Inshidiae) is the second subordinate of Kariudo to appear.

Tateana (タテアナ Tateana) is the monster of Kariudo.

Kariudo Pretty Cure (カリウド プリキュア Kariudo Purikyua) are the two dark versions of Cure Swallowtail and Cure Milkweed. They were created by Venator when Cavea and Insidiae kept being defeated. They first appeared in Episode 23. The two Dark Cures are:

  • Kariudo Swallowtail (カリウド スワロウテイル Kariudo Suwarōteiru) is the dark version of Cure Swallowtail. She thinks of happiness when she is alone in a dark battlefield and has no one left to be with.
  • Kariudo Milkweed (カリウド ミルクウィード Kariudo Mirukuu~īdo) is the dark version of Cure Milkweed. She thinks that she will find a happy life with no life or books on Earth and that she has Kariudo Swallowtail with her.


Soaring Commune (高騰 コミューン Kōtō Komyūn)

Butterfly Amulet (バタフライ アミュレット Batafurai Amyuretto)


White Heaven Kingdom (ホワイト ヘブン キングダム Howaito Hebun Kingudamu) - The kingdom that Sora, Papillon and Danainae came from.


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