This is a list of all episodes of Rainbow! Pretty Cure. The list is done, and are full of summary.


As some episodes focus on one person a lot, there is a color code to show for who it focuses, as their theme color, and the matching theme color with the character is:

Character Color
Akane Akari Red Background
Tachibana Chou Orange Background
Ki Maemi Yellow Background
Takiyama Midori Green Background
Mizu Aoi Blue Background
All Pink Background

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Red~Light Of the Future! Cure Red is in Born!
"Reddu~Mirai no Hikari! Kyua Reddo Umarete!"
Unnamed human
April 9, 2013
When, Akari, a normal girl, meets up with a mystical creature called, Kora, while going to school. Her life changes, as she sees magic. Seeking that magic is real, Akari decides to follow up with Kora, which leads her to a place seeing a magical creature, called Kurokage, and a mysterious woman. To battle them, Akari gets a superhero form, called "Cure Red".
02 Might she be the new Cure? The amazing Chou!
"Kanojo ga Atarashī Kyuadeshou ka? Subarashī Chō!"
- April 18, 2013
Kora, who is still looking for the other remaining Cures gets intersted at Chou, Akari's friend, thinking she is the one. Seeking this, Akari decides to follow Chou, and tries to convince her she is the other remaning Cure, Akari tells her, however she is not suprised, and having no intention, Chou declines her offer. Now, to make Chou's mind change, Akari, and Kora think of a mission.
03 Struggling Time! Chou's Decision
"Jikan kurō shi! Chō no kettei"
Unnamed human
April 25, 2013
While going home, Akari, and Chou see a Kurokage, in which the girls have to battle it, before their friend, Maemi, dies as her soul is taken away. Seeing this Akari transforms in front of Chou, revealing her other form. They begin to fight however, Cure Red fails to. Seeking this, Chou borrows powers from Kora to be a Cure, only to fight the Kurokage. As, Chou struggles too, a mysterious Cure appears who heals Maemi, and also defeats the Kurokage. Thought Cure Red, and Orange leave, Maemi spots the mysterious Cure, and follows her.
04 I Want to be a Cure
"Watashi wa Kyua ni Naritai"
Four Kurokages

May 2, 2013

While chasing the mysterious Cure, who now transformed into her normal form, Maemi risks her life, and faces her, and tells her to become a Cure, though declining it, she runs away from her, as Maemi chases her off, until another villain shows up, attacking them, as Maemi is stuck with the her. While, Akari, who is having a hard time with Chou, then decides to find Maemi, after feeling that something is wrong.
05 True Showdown! Mysterious Cure vs. Tenma
"Shin no taiketsu! Misuteriasu Kyua VS. Tenma"
Four Kurokages

May 9, 2013

While having a showdown versus, Tenma, the mysterious Cure reveals herself as Midori, while Tenma was her brother. Much Akari, Chou, and Maemi's shock, the girls decide to help her out once, though Midori declines, and tries to manage it by herself.
06 The Truth! Midori's Memories
"Shinjitsu! Midori no omoide"

May 18, 2013

Akari, Chou, and Maemi, who are now intrested at Midori, start to follow her, though having to do the impossible to get to her, as they have to go to her school. However, through out the time, Midori understands, and then faces them of, by telling things to about her, until her brother, Tenma shows up again, who demands Midori to have again a showdown by themselves, as he has done danger to the town.
07 Detective Akari on Loose! Wanted: Midori
"Hōnin sa reta tantei Akari! Boshū: Midori"
Detective Kitai

May 25, 2013

As Midori has left a appointment with the girls to get more info, Midori is kidnapped by Baku, much to the girls' concern, now as in exchange, the girls should give up their Colorful Catches, for Midori. The girls should find a way not to give up their Colorful Catches, and also win Midori back. Now, as Akari is worried for both, she goes to a police station, as she pairs up with Detective Fujo, a detective to find out more, however someone else out there is chasing them.
08 Aoi's Science Project
"Aoi no Kagaku Purojekuto"
Yukai Matsuri

June 1, 2013

Thought declining again to the girls, Midori starts getting chased by them, resulting on Midori to hide, and keep it a secret with Aoi. However, throughout the time, Midori feels that something is wrong with Aoi's relationship towards, her friend, Chikumo, and keeps an eye on them, until Midori finds out that Chikumo is a target, and the other girl she is befriending is actually the villain....
09 Battling the Past
"Kako o Tatakau"

June 8, 2013

As, Cure Blue is born, and she joins Akari, and the others, and also tries to get Midori to be with them, thought she still declines, until Tenma appears again, making turning everyone in stones, along with her friends. Now, as it is only Midori alone, Midori has many memories returning to her, however this might be a good, and also a bad sign at the same time....
10 The Magic of Friendship! In Search of a Home
友達の魔法! ホームの検索
"Tomodachi no Mahō! Hōmu no Kensaku"

June 15, 2013

As the girls tend to do a suprise party in a restourant for Midori, who just joined, and then try to pick up Midori, but there is something missing: Midori's home. The girls try to find Midori's home, but something is wrong, they can't also find Midori. The girls then go on to find them both, and also ask Aoi, however she also doesn't know. Now as they are scared, the girls find Takahashi, a policeman to find more info about Midori.
11 Killer on Loose! Hunting Time
"Hōnin sa Reta Kirā! Shuryō Taimu"
Fujikawa Hidoi

June 22, 2013

As the news say, a killer is on loose, and there is a reward for it, everyone goes hunting, including Akari, Maemi, and Aoi, however Midori says she is busy, while Chou, has the biggest problem: the killer shows up in her home. Chou tries to keep it a secret, until Midori finds out, who has a feeling that the killer wants to kill her.
12 Another Cure?
"Betsu no Kyua?"
Tsukata Rei

June 29, 2013

When the Cures finish off another Kurokage, Maemi suspects another Cure from far away. Much to her curiosity, Maemi follows her, though having to be with much danger. Akari, then notices her running away, and also goes to find her, though, having her friends dragged with her, there, the girls see something more than just another Cure.
13 Lucky-Unlucky Day
"Rakkī-Anrakkī Kame"
Yakubi Anki
July 6, 2013
When the girls are dragged on a lottary store while following Baku, Akari buys, and also starts to play lottary. Thought being obssessed with it, the girls need to find out what is going on with Akari, and the lottary, before a bad thing happens.
14 Midori's "Roommate"
"Midori no "Rūmumeito""
Miyamoto Wataru
July 13, 2013
When the girls see Midori hanging out with a mysterious boy, the girls think that the boy, is either hanging out with her because he might her boyfriend or....he might be an enemy under disguise who wants to do something to Midori. Now, to find out about it, the girls also notice that they go in the same school, and now need to infiltrate to her school to see for it, however without wanting Midori to find out.
15 Showtime! The Dangerous Dance
"Shōtaimu! Kiken'na Odori"
Mankitsu Ayaka
July 20, 2013
When a Japanese Idol group needs one member, the girls get Midori to dance. Midori starts practicing, and becomes happy as they will sing. However, while in the live show, Midori's room-mate suspects that one member is after Midori. Now to not draw attention, her room-mate plans to do something to get Midori to know she is in danger.
16 Live Transformation
"Ikiru Henshin"
Mankitsu Ayaka
July 27, 2013
Still in danger, her room-mate succseeds at telling Midori. Midori finds out about, and so does the member, now, as they all want to attack each other, the member, attacks Midori along with her room-mate, and this time the villains decide to attack all the members, because of this, Midori is now forced to transform live.
17 The Stolen Catch
"Nusuma Kyatchi"
August 4, 2013
After the girls finish off another Kurokage, something is missing from Midori: her Colorful Catch, now the girls need to find it, before trouble arrives, or else the girls have to fight without Midori's help.
18 Befriending with Trouble
"Nayami to Shinkō"
Baku August 11, 2013
When, a mysterious girl called, Fukachi, transfers in Akari's school, the girls go for a run on her, thinking she might be an enemy, now to not sneak on her, Akari befriends her, and while befriending her, Akari learns that she might not be an enemy, however when Baku attacks, the girls, except Akari, are forced to fight Fukachi, along with Baku. Though, Fukachi is actually Baku's target.
19 Family on the Run
"Jikkō-jō no Kazoku"
Kumori August 18, 2013
When, Chou's father returns from China, her father demands to Chou, and her mother, to go on a trip to China, Chou accepts, and leaves for a weekend. However, while on the trip, Kurokages appear everywhere, and Kumori target her parents, much to Chou's shock, now Chou to protect her family, transforms, thought she doesn't have much power.
20 True Hope, Fake Hope
"Hontō no Kibō, Nise Kibō"
August 25, 2013
When the girls visit a mirror house, because of Fukasachi, a Fortune Teller's worries, the girls evantually get lost, and try to connect to each other, however some things are keeping them apart: their mirror reflection, and their fake hope....
21 Returning to Rainbow Kingdom
"Reinbō Ōkoku ni Modotte"
Shadow King
September 1, 2013
When the girls battle Tenma again, Tenma opens a portal to Rainbow Kingdom, and after the arrival, the girls transform, and confront the large Shadow King, however the problem of them arriving back in Rainbow Kingdom, makes Midori to fall in deep despair, causing her inner self to take over, and now getting to be in neither's side.
22 The Sorrowful Tears of Promise
"Yakusoku no Kanashimi no Namida"
Shadow King September 8, 2013
The girls should find a way to get back Midori, and defeat the Shadow King in the same time. While Midori, gets a way, of facing her inner self, in a past dream she had when she was a child, allowing her to remeber many memories when she was a child, and also a big promise she had done with her brother....
23 With a Smile on the Face
"Kao ni Egao de"
Shitsuren Yuka
September 15, 2013
When Maemi's mother tells Maemi that she is leaving for months, Maemi's smile then dissapears. Now, when the girls notice that Maemi doesn't smile again, and after Akari finds out about her mother, the girls plan on cheering her up.
24 Aoi's Antique Shop
"Aoi no Antīkushoppu"
Hisou Satoshi
September 22, 2013
When Aoi's parents tell Aoi, that they're doing a new shop based on Antiques, it is like Aoi's dream has become true. Now with much excitment, Aoi makes her friends a part of the shop, though the girls enjoy it, Aoi has a bad feeling that something off, as something happens in the night, much to her worries, the girls decide to stay in the middle of the night.
25 Partnership in Action! Dancing Challenge
アクションにおけるパートナーシップ! ダンスチャレンジ
"Akushon ni Okeru Pātonāshippu! Dansu Charenji"
Kumori September 29, 2013
After the girls figure out that Kumori is doing a dancing challenge, involving many random people from the town, and there is a price, the girls decide to go again for a dance, however this time, the girls need to find male partners to be a part of it.
26 False Acting
"Nise Engi"
Kuroto Misako
October 6, 2013
Midori, and the girls catch Baku dealing off with a girl, who is on danger. As they all arrive in time, Midori sticks out with Misako, thinking she is a target. Until, Baku appears and explains that it was a prang, and Misako was acting to be one to steal her catch. Now, involved with this danger, the girls try to rescue Midori before something happens to her.
27 Magical Food
"Mahō no Shokuji"
October 13, 2013
After the girls learn that Midori has been poisoned by the monster who she had fighted before, the girls go on a search for a cure, meanwhile, Midori's roommate, has to take care for her, and has to battle the monsters who go around her, however things go wrong, as also a friend of her roommate is a target, now it is all up to her roommate.
28 Tenma's Rampage
"Tenma no Ranpeiji"
Tenma October 20, 2013
With many failures, Tenma gets irritated, much to his angry temper. Now, he borrows power from Shadow King, and plans to do something which could work, though being dangerous.
29 New Weapons! Regaining Hope
"Kibō o Torimodoshi"
Shadow King
October 27, 2013
With the girls batteling Tenma, Tenma sends them into Rainbow Kingdom again, however this time, the girls fight off Shadow King without Midori, while Midori battles Tenma.
30 Shattered Dreams
"Konagona ni Natta Yume"
Hikawa Ryo
November 3, 2013
When the girls pay a visit to the playground, which is concidered to be Akari, and Chou's first meeting, Akari, and Chou get on deep despair as they see that they playground is going to be replaced with a buliding. Seeing this, Midori, Maemi, and Aoi get on action to do something to get back the playground.
31 The Dream to Protect
"Hogo Suru Tame Yume"
Mizukuro Hiroshi
November 10, 2013
The girls get on a fight with each other after finding out that someone has taken some seeds, much to their separation. Now in present time, Midori is alone in midnight, and watches Baku, and Tenma how they are trying to get a little boy's soul, though Midori arrives on time, Tenma, and Baku have ran away, now with much worries Midori protects the boy from them, and also tries to get some info from him, and secretly allows him to stay in her room, only with her, and her roommate knowing it.
32 Dangerous Twins
"Kiken'na Futago"
November 17, 2013
When two mysterous twins appear in the Akari, Chou, Maemi, and Aoi's school, the girls get on danger, as soon as they find out they have a dark side. Now to their shock, the girls befriend them, though it has danger.
33 Switching Day
"Kame Kirikae"
November 24, 2013
While fighting the Kumori, Kumori's plans works, as she has done magic to the girls' catches. Now, the other day, the girls wake up, however something is wrong: their bodies, now Akari, is in Aoi's body, Chou is in Midori's, Maemi is in Chou's, Midori is in Akari's, and Aoi is in Maemi's. Now with different bodies, the girls tend to do their best to find the cure, before a trouble happens.
34 Suspicious School
"Fushin'na Gakkō"
Ayatsuru Kaito
December 1, 2013
When Akari feels out that something wrong is with her main teacher, Yonagi, Akari decides to put an eye on her, until she figures out that its not only her, but everyone in the school who is maniplulated by a person called Kaito....
35 Despair Games
"Zetsubō Gēmu"
Ayatsuru Kaito
December 8, 2013
Still with Kaito's plan, the girls have no idea, but as he is using them on a game. While, Midori, and her roommate arrive at Kaito's place to find out what's happening, however instead Midori's roommate finds out something horrible...
36 Dangerous Job
"Abunai Shoku"

Kazumi Tatakai

December 16, 2013
When the girls find out that Midori is going broke, and shares food with her roommate, the girls recommend Midori to get a job. Now, when Midori starts to work, the girls feel that something is wrong.
37 A Christmas Vow
"Kurisumasu Chikai"
Tenma December 22, 2013
When finally the girls make Midori to go out with her roommate, the roommate, and Midori make the promise of having another meeting on christmas night, however things go wrong when Tenma targets him, and breaks Midori's catch.
38 The Christmas Miracle
"Kurisumasu no Kiseki"
December 29, 2013
With Midori alone, and with a broken catch, the girls try to find someone to repair it. Meanwhile, Midori, and her roommate try to protect a little boy's dream, when it comes to Christmas, and as he is a target, even without Midori's catch.
39 Agent Cure Spy
"Ējento Kyua Supai"
Kiba Yamato
January 5, 2014
When auditions open for a movie based on a Cure. Chou, and Maemi decides to audition, much of having the other Cures to fight. As the results come in, Chou has taken the real role. Now, as Chou begins pracitcing, she notices one of the cast members is after her. 
40 The Bitter Taste of Rivals
"Raibaru no Nigami"
January 12, 2013
Taiyou, and Tsuki have their last chance to fight, or else will die. Soon, they come up with a plan of kidnapping Red, Yellow, and Blue, and leaving Green, and Orange together, and make them work together. Soon they tell them, to meet on one of the three beaches around the city, on 6pm, or else will never see their friends again. Still with rivalty together, the girls try to do something to win their friends back.
41 Wrong Delivery
"Machigatta Haishin"
Hino Yuko
January 19, 2014
Akari's family is dragged into a fight between Akari, and an old friend of hers, who is no longer herself.
42 Beware, "Makkura" is here!
"Yōjin,"Makkura" Koko ni Aru!"
Makkura January 26, 2014
Seeing how Makkura treats everyone, Maemi become annoyed, and tries to find out about him secretly. As she finds his adress to pay him a visit, Makkura finds out, and kidnapps Maemi.
43 Run, Girls, Run!
"Ran, Gāruzu, Ran!"
Kuramoto Takeshi
February 4, 2014
Akari, and the girls look out for Maemi, until Makkura by himself comes, threatning the girls by telling them that if they don't arrive in the given place for 15 minutes, he will kill Maemi. As this happens, the girls run, however with enemies in the way.
44 Life is a Miracle
"Jinsei wa Kiseki"
February 11, 2014
The girls battle Tenma, and Baku for the last time, this time accomplished by Makkura, while Midori has the hardest time thinking if something bad will happen to them.
45 The Door of Love
"Ai no Tobira"
Makkura February 18, 2014
After her Tenma, and Baku's death, Midori locks herself in her room, not talking to anyone, causing her roommate to worry. The girls then try to win her heart back, however nothing works, until a Love letter is given to Midori...
46 Kumori, and Shadow King's lives....
"Kumori, to Shadō Kingu no Inochi...."
February 25, 2014

When, Akari, and the others are accomplished by Chiyuko, an old friend of Kumori, who thinks has seen Kumori after years. As she talks to them, the girls find out about Kumori's true life. Until, Kumori shows up again, this time with Makkura.

47 Live the Next Life
"Tsugi no Jinsei o Ikiru"
Shadow King
March 4, 2014
After learning that his daughter is dead, Shadow King appears at the place where the girls, and a wounded Kumori, and Makkura are, and yet spends his final moment with Kumori, as later then he shows his human forms, shocking everyone. Later on, he apoligizes to Midori, and has a showdown, with Makkura, however Makkura kills him, and steals his weapons. Now with power over people, Makkura decides to make more Kurokages. While the girls decide to use the seed Kumori left to them, or not.
48 Get Crazy! Makkura's Games
"Morau Kyōki no! Makkura no Gēmu"
Makkura March 11, 2014
Seeing the girls defeated, Makkura tells them, that the games have began. Much to the girls' shock, the girls go on for a search for Makkura's next target, without knowning he is toying with them.
49 The Colorful Clone
"Karafuruna Fukusei"
Makkura March 18, 2014
Still playing his games, Makkura finds a way to drive the girls apart: to make thier clones. Now using their seeds, Makkura produces 5 people, and yet gives them the seeds to transform. As the plans goes, the girls get lied by their other selves, and decide to give up.
50 The Final Chance
"Saigo no Chansu"
Makkura March 25, 2014
The girls go head to head with Makkura, for the final battle, as Makkura starts a rampage on their city, until Makkura transports them, and himself to Rainbow Kingdom. This time, the girls use all of their Colortiels, and the seeds Kumori had left.
51 Strange Seeds
"Kimyōna Shīdo"
- April 1, 2014
With the Rainbow Queen is revived, she lets Midori to live with the girls in the Rainbow Town, because of living happily. With this idea, the girls separate, and now live their lives as normal girls without magical powers. Until, some strange seeds, and letters are found by each of the girls.
52 The World of Magic
"Majikku no Sekai"
Inchiki April 8, 2014
The girls seeing that they are in the same place, with similar seeds, the girls get panicked. However, after seeing a monster, the girls try to fight, until they are absorbed by a hole, putting them in another world, full of magitians.....and a villian who is trying to turn people into monsters.
53 Miraculous Story
"Kiseki-tekina Monogatari"
Inchiki April 15, 2014
Seeing Inchiki, who is trying to make people monsters, the girls try to fight, by borrowing powers from the magic world, however they are nothing compared to him. As this happens, the girls meet their alternate selves, and their alternate selves give a box of seeds which could summon all the Canon Cures.