Rainbow! Pretty Cure
Rainboo! Purikyua
General Information
DirectorCure Coco
Original RunApril 9, 2013 - Ongoing
Opening SongGoGo! Rainbow Lights!
Ending SongColors Inside Me (Ep.01 - 25)
The Raindrops of Hope (Ep.25 - ???)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas RAINBOW ver. (Ep.38 nd Ep.39)
A Promising Tomorrow (???)
Series Info
SuccessorMiracle Heart! Pretty Cure

Rainbow! Pretty Cure (レインボー!プリキュア Reinboo! Purikyua?) is the first fan Pretty Cure season made from Cure Coco. It has released at April 9, 2013. Its theme is colors, and also elements.


Rainbow! Pretty Cure Episodes

Official Version

Akane Akari is a normal girl, who meets up with a mascot called, Kora as she was going to school. Suddenly her life changes, after Kora tells her about mysical powers! Seeking this, Akari hangs out with Kora, but then goes to school, however after seeing a monster called Kurokage, and a mysterious woman appears in front of her, Akari tries to fight it, until Retiel, a magical raindrop comes, and gives Akari superpowers, and transforming her into a Cure, called Cure Red. Now, Cure Red is destined, to find the remaining Cures, and to fight evil before they take Earth!


Pretty Cures (arranged by color)

Akane Akari (あかねあかり Akane Akari?) / Cure Red (キュアレッド Kyua Reddo?)
Voiced by: Kanae Oki  
Portrayed by: Nagasawa Masami
Akane Akari is the main Cure, and leader along side with Cure Green. She has a bright spirit and work hard to get things done, despite being the leader, she doesn't act like one, as she lets everyone be the same. She attends the Choujou High School with her friends, except Midori. Her alter ago is, Cure Red, and holds the power of light, and love. Her name means "Deep Red Light".

Tachibana Chou (橘蝶 Tachibana Chou?) / Cure Orange (キュアオレンジ Kyua Orenji?)
Voiced by: Park Romi
Portrayed by: Yamamoto Hikaru
Tachibana Chou is one of the Cures, and also Akari's friend since a young age, they both attend to the same school still. She acts like a tomboy, however cares about her friends, despite having family trouble. Chou is the only girl at the group to make a nickname for everyone she meets, though later on, the girls get mad at her and make nicknames for her. She often has a bad rivalty between Midori, and her roommate. Her alter ago is Cure Orange, and holds the power of light, and fire, thus as in elements she controls fire. Her name means "Wild Orange Butterfly".

Ki Maemi (黄間笑み Ki Maemi?) / Cure Yellow (キュアイエロー Kyua Yerou?)
Voiced by: Katō Emiri
Portrayed by: Miki Honoka
Ki Maemi is one of the Cures, and attends the same school as Akari and Chou, and Aoi. She is shy, and kind, however because being close to her friends, and also having the chance of being a Cure, she is more outgoing, and tries her best at helping her friends. Her alter ago is Cure Yellow, and holds the power of light, and stars, thus as in elements she controls air. Her name means "Yellow Pure Smile".

Takiyama Midori (滝山みどり Takiyama Midori?) / Cure Green (キュアグリーン Kyua Gurin?)
Voiced by: Kaida Yûko  
Portrayed by: Takanashi Rin
Takiyama Midori is the main Cure of the season along with Akari, who also used to be the princess of the Rainbow Kingdom, and also was the sister of Tenma. Soon, as Shadow King arrived in Rainbow Kingdom, she had to evacuate to Earth. Thought she kept her identity a secret, Midori decided to put it on finding her brother. Unlike the others, she attends Hitokage Academy. Her alter ago is Cure Green, and holds the power of light, and nature, thus as in elements she controls earth. Her name means "Waterfall Mountain Greenery".

Mizu Aoi (みずあおい Mizu Aoi?) / Cure Blue (キュアブルー Kyua Buru?)
Voiced by: Terada Haruhi
Portrayed by: Renbutsu Misako
Mizu Aoi is one of the Cures. Unlike the others, she is similar to Maemi in some ways, as she is quiet. She attends the same school as Akari, Chou, and Maemi, on Choujou High School. She has a motivated power, and some times Chou encourages her to become more powerful, by saying to her that fire, and water make the best combiniation, but in reality don't. Her alter ago is Cure Blue, and holds the power of light, and water, thus in elements she controls water. Her name means "Blue Water".


Kora (高良 Kora?)
Voiced by: Matsuki Miyu
Kora is the main mascot of the series, who has white fur with blue eyes, she has the form of a cat. She used to be the Queen's magical mascot which cheered her up, she then went away with Princess Midori in Earth, but they separated. Her duty is to get back the Colortiels, so the Rainbow Kingdom gets its colors back. She ends her sentences like, "~Koro". Her name means, "children".

Colortiels (カラーエル Karaeru?)
Voiced by: ??
Colortiels are rain-drop mascots with colors of the Rainbow. Each colortiel is owned by a magical potential human, this includes the Cures, and the enemies. The Colortiels have the form of a jewel, which had the power to make the Rainbow Kingdom with colors, and also for Kumori it is a cure. Each of them posses a power. If a Cure goes on a soul, the Colortiel transforms into a specifix animal to help them out.

  • Retiel - It is the first colortiel which appears. It has the color of red. It is owned by Akane Akari/Cure Red.
  • Ortiel - It is the second colortiel which appears. It has the color of orange. It is owned by Tachibana Chou/Cure Orange.
  • Yetiel - It is the third colortiel which appears. It has the color of yellow. It is owned by Ki Maemi/Cure Yellow.
  • Gretiel - It is the fourth colortiel which appears. It has the color of green. It is owned by Takiyama Midori/Cure Green.
  • Blutiel - It is the fifth colortiel which appears. It has the color of blue. It is owned by Mizu Aoi/Cure Blue.
  • Purtiel - It is the sixth colortiel which appears. It has the color of purple. It is owned by Tenma.
  • Pintiel - It is the seventh colotiel which appears. It has the color of pink. It is owned by Kumori.
  • Brotiel - It is the eight colortiel which appears. It has the color of brown. It is owned by Baku.
  • Whitel - It is the ninth colortiel which appears. It has the color of white. It is owned by the Eclipse Twins, both Taiyou, and Tsuki.
  • Blatiel - It is the tenth colortiel which appears. It has the color of black. It was eventually owned by Shadow King, however Makkura later stole it.


Sakamoto Kumori (坂本曇り Sakamoto Kumori?)
Voiced by: ???
Kumori is one of the main villains in the series, who originally was dead, however with the power of the Pintiel a pink Colortiel, she was able be alive, however in an evil form, later on in a pinch, her father later tried to steal the Colortiels for her to live, but failed to do so, and only was able to take some. She has the power to summon more than five Kurokages at a time. She contained the Pintiel. Out of all she uses her disguise a lot, other than her teammates. She is Shadow King's daughter. Her name means, "Shadow Clouds".

Tenma (天満 Tenma?)
Voiced by: ???
Tenma is one of the main villains. He used to be the Prince of the Rainbow Kingdom, and Princess Midori's brother, however he was absorbed from the hole, and brainwashed. He contained the Purtiel. Thought he doesn't disguise a lot, his disguises appear on certain times, because he wants Midori's soul. His name means, "Demon".

Baku (バクー Bakū?)
Voiced by: ???
Baku is the third villain from the series. He was a mascot but then turned into human by the Shadow King and brainwashed. His name means, "Selfish Demon".

Eclipse Twins (食双子 Shoku Futago?) are two twin brothers, who are more mature, and are mostly stronger than the rest of the villains. Both of them represent the sun, and the moon, much to having to do with the eclipse. The two brothers are:

Taiyou (太陽 Taiyō?, lit.Sun)
Voiced by: ???
Taiyou is the one representing the sun. Thus, his powers are based on the elements: fire (Cure Orange), and earth (Cure Green).
Tsuki ( Tsuki?, lit.Moon)
Voiced by: ???
Tsuki is the one representing the moon. Thus, his powers are based on the elements: air (Cure Yellow), and water (Cure Blue).

Makkura (真っ暗 Makkura?)
Voiced by: ???
Makkura is the last to appear, after the defeat of the Eclipse Twins. He is also the strongest, Makkura has no mercy, and often mocks the Cures, much to their temper. Makkura looks careless at doing things, and does tricks to everyone. This also includes how he tricks the Shadow King for an important thing.

Kurokage (黒影 Kurokage?)
Voiced by: ???
Kurokages are shadow monsters, and also humans who have lost hope, and their colors, resulting on to transform into monsters, but keep their human form, they look for people who are in a pinch on becoming one, and their soul, also called Colorful Soul (カラフルなソウル Karafuruna Sōru?), is becoming a dark one. Once they make the human in despair, and putting a shadow in their soul, the Cures have to defeat it, before they become a Kurokage. Its name means, "Dark Shadow".

List of Kurokages:
  • Unnamed human; however its human form was never shown, but its monster form was. (RPC01)
  • Unnamed human; human form was never shown, but its monster form was. (RPC03)
  • Detective Kitai (探偵北井 Tantei Kitai?, episode 07) - A fellow detective of Detective Fujo, later shown to have been a Kurokage, after falling in despair.
  • Yukai Matsuri (湯快まつり Yukai Matsuri?, episode 8) - A 16-year old girl, who tried to befriend Aoi, and get her away from Chikumo, as she was trying to make them fall in despair.
  • Takahashi (高橋 Takahashi?, episode 10) - A policeman, who tries to help the girls on finding Midori, yet later on, he reveals himself as a Kurokage.
  • Fujikawa Hidoi (藤川ヒドイ Fujikawa Hidoi?, episode 11) - A killer, who was in prison, however was freed by Baku. Later on, he causes Chou to fall for him because he was innocent, but later on Midori finds out he wants to kill her.
  • Tsukata Rei (津カタ Tsukata Rei?, episode 12) - A 19-year olf girl, who portrays an innocent role, and claims that her parents have died, and lives alone and conisders herself as a Pretty Cure, later on transforms into a Kurokage.
  • Yakubi Anri (厄日杏里 Yakubi Anri?, episode 13) - A middle aged woman, who worked as a store manager, who selled lottary tickets, she hypnoticed people, and turned their luck down, causing them to despair.
  • Miyamoto Wataru (宮本渉 Miyamoto Wataru?, episode 14) - The best friend, and also a childhood friend of Midori's roommate, later on, Midori suspects him on being a Kurokage, as he has become cruel, and mean.
  • Mankitsu Ayaka (満喫絢香 Mankitsu Ayaka?, episode 15 and episode 16) - A girl having, dancing talent, and singing talent, she later was put on the same group with Midori to perform as a minor replacement of two members, no one suspected Ayaka on being a Kurokage, however only Midori's roommate.
  • Tsutachi (津たち Tsutachi?, episode 17) - A mysterious man, who was a repair worker at the workshop which Midori, and the others went to fix Midori's catch, though instead stealing it.
  • Fukasachi (風香サチ Fūkasachi?, episode 20) - A fortune teller who lies the girls to enter his house and save him from spirits, the girls later are trapped, and Fukasachi tries to put them in despair.
  • Shitsuren Yuka (失恋由佳 Shitsuren Yuka?, episode 23) - A co-worker who works with Maemi's mother, Akira, and tries to go with Akira on a buisness problem overseas, however intead she was planning on putting her on despair.
  • Hisou Satoshi (悲愴サトシ Hisō Satoshi?, episode 24) - A spirit-like person, who haunts Aoi's new Antique Shop, because trying to put her onto despair.
  • Kuroto Misako (黒と美佐子 Kuroto Misako?, episode 26) - A girl who Midori fell over for, after figuring out she was a target of the villains, in fact, she was a villain, and was acting to put Midori on despair.
  • Shirota (シロタ Shirota?, episode 27) - A mysterious person who poisoned Midori making her ill, while on his Kurokage form, and enough to kill her, however after his defeat, and a cure, Midori was healed.
  • Hikawa Ryo (氷川亮 Hikawa Ryō?, episode 30) - A consructive worker who wanted the playground where Chou, and Akari first met, to get destroyed and make them fall in despair.
  • Mizukuro Hiroshi (水黒ひろし Mizukuro Hiroshi?, episode 31) - A teen, who tried to kill the little boy, and wanted to make Midori in despair.
  • Ayatsuru Kaito (操る怪盗 Ayatsuru Kaito?, episode 35 and episode 36) - A leader of a gang, who tried to manipulate everyone in schools in order to win everyone's attation, along with Midori's, and Akari's. Later on, Midori's roommate used to know him, when being young, and both used to be leaders.
  • Kazumi Tatakai (和美戦い Kazumi Tatakai?, episode 37) - A worker who partially with Midori on the Donut workshop, but later it was reveled that he actually was a Kurokage, and was trying to make Midori on despair.
  • Daisuke (大輔 Daisuke?, episode 39) - A teen, who tried to kill Midori's roommate instead of making him fall in despair.
  • Kiba Yamamoto (木場山本 Kiba Yamamoto?, episode 40) - An actor, who starrted on the movie as the antagonist, and was a Kurokage.
  • Hino Yuka (日野裕子 Hino Yūko?, episode 41) - Akari's best friend when on childhood, and suddenly after 10 years, she reappeared but different, and was revealed she was a Kurokage.
  • Kuramoto Takeshi (倉本武 Kuramoto Takeshi?, episode 43) - A mysterious killer, who tried to hang Maemi, as the girls couldn't arrive on time to save her, later on he was killed by Makkura, who wanted to do it by himself.

Shadow King (シャドーキング Shadō Kingu?)/Sakamoto Shinji (坂本伸二 Sakamoto Shinji?)
Voiced by: ???
Shadow King is the main villain. Who was previously known to be a human called Shinji, and was the father of Kumori.

Inchiki (いんちき Inchiki?)
Voiced by: ???
Inchiki is the main villain who only appears on the two-part special episodes in the end of the series. He was the ruler of another demantion, called World of Magicians (魔術師の世界 Majutsu-shi no Sekai?) where everyone had the ability to be become a superhero. He was later revealed to be a Kurokage, who had eaten many other ones, to make him larger, and more powerful. Inchiki's name means "cheater".

Other Characters

Akane Gentaro (あかね源太郎 Akane Gentarō?)
Voiced by: ???
The strict father of Akari, who acts cold, but is kind after all. Akari always listens to him, and because of being strict she is good at school.

Akane Emi (あかねえみ Akane Emi?)
Voiced by: ???
The sweet mother of Akari, who is the opposite of her husband, as she is sweeter. Akari always says to her that her smile, makes Akari happy.

Tachibana Tayou (橘多用 Tachibana Tayō?)
Voiced by: ???
The busy father of Chou, who comes rarely to see Chou, because of having a business in China. However, he has a caring heart, and misses Chou.

Tachibana Odayaka (橘穏やか Tachibana Odayaka?)
Voiced by: ???
The calm mother of Chou, who lives with Chou, and misses Tayou. Though, she is rarely seen in the series, Chou describes her, as a warm, and kind mother.

Kise Shinsei (黄真正 Kise Shinsei?)
Voiced by: ???
The father of Maemi, who wants the best for Maemi, as she is shy.

Kise Akira (喜瀬明 Kise Akira?)
Voiced by: ???
The busy mother of Maemi, who often leaves for her work, much to Maemi's depression. Akira is enjoyable, sweet, and often spoiled at the time.

Rainbow Queen (レインボークイーン Reinbō Kuīn?)
Voiced by: Katsuki Masako
Midori, and Tenma's mother, and the Queen of Rainbow Kingdom. As Midori describes her mother, she says that she is very sweet, however, she doesn't take much time with her, or her brother, but spends most of the time caring for the kingdom.

Mizu Aogu (みず仰ぐ Mizu Aogu?)
Voiced by: ???
The respective father of Aoi, who is described as strict, and also very wise. Like his name meaning "to respect" Aoi has learned mainly on his way.

Mizu Aozora (みず青空 Mizu Aozora?)
Voiced by: ???
The beautiful mother of Aoi, who is described as kind, respectful. She is mainly busy, however spends her time as a family on specific times. Her eye color is mainly seen as white, and has blue long hair, her name mean "blue sky" and describes her as person.

Detective Kitai (探偵北井 Tantei Kitai?, episode 7, episode 11, episode 14, episode 36, episode 42, episode 43, and episode 50)
Voiced by: ???
A recuring character who appears to be a detective, and helps the girls at some points. She appears to wear always a jacket, and has black hair, in which she ties it up, causing her to be mistaken for a boy at points.

Terui Chikumo (照井チー雲 Terui Chīkumo?, episode 8)
Voiced by: ???
A minor character, who is Aoi's best friend, and worked together.

℃-ute (℃-ute Kyūto?, episode 15, and episode 16)
Voiced by: Suzuki Airi, Nakajima Saki, and Okai Chisato
A realistic Japanese idol group, part of Hello! Project, which is formed by 5 members, however in the series the appear as three, because of two members being ill. Later the two members are replaced by Midori, and a Kurokage, who tries to put the whole group on despair. The group sang "Kanashiki Amefuri" and "Adam to Eve no Dilemma" the real single was released ten days before the group's debut in the series.

Shiro Fukachi (白不可知 Shiro Fukachi?, episode 18)
Voiced by: ???
A mysterious transfer student who was suspected for being a Kurokage, and Akari strated befriending her, and finds out she is not an enemy, but later on Baku also attacks her, revealing she was a target on becoming a Kurokage.

Mogami Mamoru (最上守 Mogami Mamoru?, episode 31)
Voiced by: ???
A little boy who is on a pinch on becoming a Kurokage, until he is saved by Midori, and her roommate. As Mamoru has a disease, he had ran away from his parents, because he was scared on the opperation, later on Midori's roommate promises to stay by his side, and encourages him to do it.

Airi Chiyuko (愛理 ち裕子 Airi Chiyūko?, episode 46)
Voiced by: ???
A girl, who used to be Kumori's best friend, however got worried after not seeing her for two years, suddenly after Kumori's sudden appearance, Chiyuko gets worried, and soon talks to the girls who know her, soon after looking at Kumori, and having a final battle, Kumori's memories return before she died.

Movie Characters

Hard Action (ハードアクション Hādo Akushon?) is a Japanese group containing 5 members, they had mysteriously appeared in Rainbow Town. The band did music, which was prefered by many people, however their music was not just music, but it was also an evil music, which hypnotized its fans. Thought before doing any concerts, Midori had a feeling that something was off. Each of them represent the opposite counterpart of the Pretty Cures. The members are:

Katai (硬い Katai?, lit. Hard)
Voiced by: ???
The leader of the group, who is strong, is easly annoyed, and has the loudest voice. Thought having to be the leader, he seems to not follow any of the rules that the other member say. He is supposed to be the opposite counterpart for Akari/Cure Red.
Sora ( Sora?, lit. Sky)
Voiced by: ???
One of the members, who is very smart, though he is calm at times, he is also easly annoyed. Even though, he is not the leader, his voice is the loud also, and he can play the guitar. He is supposed to be the opposite couterpart for Midori/Cure Green.
Aijou (哀情 Aijō?, lit. sadness)
Voiced by: ???
One of the members, who is Shitsui's brother, and are often mistaked. Though they look the same, in look, and voice. They each are opposite, as Aijou is calm, though he likes to be the leader and he can also play the electric piano. He is supposed to be the opposite counterpart for Maemi/Cure Yellow.
Shitsui (失意 Shitsui?, lit. despair)
Voiced by: ???
One of the members, who is Aijou's brother, and is also mistaked. They have the same look, and voice. However, he is a brat, he is smart, and does many tricks. He can play the drum. He is supposed to be the opposite counterpart for Aoi/Cure Blue.
Gansaku (贋作 Gansaku?, lit. fake)
Voiced by: ???
One of the members, who is mean, and often disguises himself as different people, thought he tries to be calm, boring talk gets him angry, and could outrage his feelings. He can play the guitar, and can sing. He is the counterpart of Chou/Cure Orange.


  • Rainbow Town (レインボータウン Reinbōtaun?) is the main location in the series.
  • Rainbow Kingdom (レインボー王国 Reinbō Ōkoku?) is the location which Midori came from.
  • Zaihou Antique Shop (財宝アンティークショップ Zaihō Antīkushoppu?, lit. Treasure Antique Shop) is the location the girls set their operations, thus the girls also work also.
  • Choujou Academy (超常中学校 Chōjō Chūgakkō?) is the junior high school, and a high school, where Akari, Chou, Maemi, and Aoi attend.
  • Hitokage Academy (ひと影学園 Hitokage Gakuken?) is the academy, where Midori, attends.
  • Sweet Donut Stand (スウィートドーナツスタンド Suuīto Dōnatsu Sutando?) is the location, where the girls go to eat donuts, or other kind of sweets.


  • Colorful Catch (カラフルキャッチ Karafuru Kyatchi?) is the main item of the series, and can transform the girls in Cures.
  • Colorful Seeds (カラフルなシード Karafuruna Shīdo?) are seed-like pieces, which could be put in the catch, though there is many, a few have powers.
  • Starlight Sticks (星明かりスティック Hoshiakari Sutikku?) are stick-like items, thus having a lot of power.


There is currently one opening, and four endings featured in the season. Much of having special occasions, there is also a bonus ending.


  • GoGo! Rainbow Lights (ゴーゴー!レインボーライト Gōgō! Reinbō Raito?) is the opening for the series.


  • Colors Inside Me (私にインサイドカラー Watashi ni Insaido Karā?) is the first ending for the series, it doesn't feature a 3D animation, but an anime animation. The ending changes, based on the characters.
  • The Raindrops of Hope (希望の雨滴 Kibō no Uteki?) is the second ending of the series.
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas RAINBOW ver. (We Wish You a Merry Christmas RAINBOW ver. We Wish You a Merry Christmas RAINBOW ver.?) is the third ending, however it only appears for two episodes making it a bonus one. The ending doesn't feature a 3D animation, because the ending is seen in episode 38, and 39, with everyone dancing, while snowing. The ending is sang by all the seiyuus of the main characters.
  • A Promising Tomorrow (有望明日 Yūbō Ashita?) is the fourth ending, and again appears only in one episode, the last episode of the series, and is sang by all the seiyuus.


Vocal Albums

  • Rainbow! Pretty Cure Vocal Album 1 ~Colorful Melody~ (レインボー!プリキュアボーカルアルバム1〜カラフルなメロディ〜 Reinbō! Purikyua Bōkaru Arubamu 1 ~Karafuruna Merodi~?) is the first vocal album, which contains only the image songs, opening, and ending except the image songs between episode 1 and 25. The song track is:
    1. GoGo! Rainbow Lights (ゴーゴー!レインボーライト! GōGō! Reinbō Raito!?) (Opening)
    2. Over the Rainbow (レインボーの彼方 Reinbō no Kanata?) (Group song)
    3. ~Blooming Light~ (〜ブルーミングライト〜 ~Burūmingu Raito~?) (Akane Akari/Cure Red image song)
    4. Fire My Heart! (私の心を解雇! Watashi no Kokoro o Kaiko!?) (Tachibana Chou/Cure Orange image song)
    5. Pure Heart, Pure Smile (ピュア心、ピュア笑顔 Pyua Kokoro, Pyua Egao?) (Kise Maemi/Cure Yellow image song)
    6. Hopeful Heart (希望に満ち心 Kibō ni Michi Kokoro?) (Takiyama Midori/Cure Green image song)
    7. Water Breeze (ウォーターブリーズ Uōtā Burīzu?) (Mizu Aoi/Cure Blue image song)
    8. Friendship is Power (Akari and Chou duet song)
    9. Hopeful Sunshine (有望サンシャイン Yūbō Sanshain?) (Akari and Maemi, Midori, and Aoi duet song)
    10. Colors Inside Me (私の中に色 Watashi no Naka Ni Iro?) (Ending)


Season Movies

The season's movie is called, Rainbow! Pretty Cure: Idols on the Loose! Adventures in Rainbow Town (レインボー!プリキュア:緩いにアイドル!レインボータウンの冒険 Reinbō! Purikyua: Yurui ni Aidoru! Reinbōtaun no Bōken?), the movie is about a group of 5 idols, called Hard Action (ハードアクション Hādo Akushon?)who appear in the town, and take over by their music, and concerts, however their music, is not just music, but it is also an evil sound, hypnotizing its fans. Seeking this, Akari, and the other get on a big search to find more about them, to save their friends, and family from this sound. However, can they do it, before they also get hypnotized too?


The Rainbow! Pretty Cure team have often appeared on some crossovers.




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Rainbow! Pretty Cure: Live-Action (レインボー!プリキュア:ライブアクション Reinbō! Purikyua: Raibu-Akushon?) is a tokusatsu show, played by real people, based on Rainbow! Pretty Cure, conatining episodes.


  • Akane Akari (あかねあかり Akane Akari?)Nagasawa Masami (長澤 まさみ Nagasawa Masami?)
  • Tachibana Chou (橘蝶 Tachibana Chō?)Yamamoto Hikaru (山本 ひかる Yamamoto Hikaru?)
  • Ki Maemi (黄間笑み Ki Maemi?)Miki Honoka (未来 穂香 Miki Honoka?)
  • Takiyama Midori (滝山みどり Takiyama Midori?)Takanashi Rin (高梨 臨 Takanashi Rin?)
  • Mizu Aoi (みずあおい Mizu Aoi?)Renbutsu Misako (蓮佛 美沙子 Renbutsu Misako?)


  • Pretty Cure isn't made by me or owned, Toei Animation owns it. I just made my own fan show.

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