Rachel Anderson
Andāson Reicheru
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Eye ColorBrown
Alter EgoCure Soldier
Theme ColorGreen
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure! Repeat!
First AppearancePCR01


Rachel has shoulder-length blonde hair which she keeps tied back in a ponytail with a green hair-tie. She has dark brown eyes and freckles. Rachel loves wearing hats, scarfs, jackets, and boots.


Rachel is the voice of reason for the group. When people start to panic, she is the one who keeps things together. She has a bad habit of being overconfident at times. Rachel has a strong belief in helping others for the sake of doing what's right, and she likes to believe that everyone has a reason for what they do.


Cure Soldier




Chrono Rifle
Cure Soldier's special weapon takes the form of a rifle. The rifle can fire tiny spheres of highly concentrated energy. It it slower to fire than the Chrono Blaster, but it deals a lot more damage with a single shot. With a small energy charge, Soldier can create a bayonet for close-range combat.


Power Ups

Character Songs


Imadoki Genko

Clio Mitsotakis

Patrizia di Mezzo

Sakae Miku



  • Rachel is one of only two Pretty Cure to use a gun-like weapon, the other being Sakae Miku.

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