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This is a list of episodes in Prism Pretty Cure!.

Episode No. Title Image Villain Jewel Heart Air Date
0 Prologue PPC00 Grimm Amethyst July 6, 2017
1 Wish Upon A Star PPC01 Orion Obsidian July 13, 2017
2 Guardian of Diamond PPC02 Orion Obsidian July 20, 2017
3 Club Crisis PPC03 Orion
Beryl July 27, 2017
4 Guardian of Ruby PPC03 Orion Lapis August 3, 2017
5 My Dear Friend PPC03 Doris None August 10,2017
6 Guardian of Emerald Prism Galaxy Doris Opal August 17, 2017
7 The Fortune Teller Prism Galaxy Orion Aquamarine August 24, 2017
8 Guardian of Sapphire Prism Galaxy Orion Aquamarine August 31, 2017
9 After the Rain Prism Galaxy Doris Peridot September 7, 2017
10 Guardians Unite Prism Galaxy Hektor Unknown September 14, 2017
11 Unknown Dreams Prism Galaxy Doris Unknown September 21, 2017
12 Script of Fantasy Prism Galaxy Hektor Unknown September 28, 2017
13 Shooting Star Prism Galaxy Orion Unknown October 5, 2017
14 Green with Envy Prism Galaxy Doris Unknown October 12, 2017
15 Rockin' Prisma Prism Galaxy Doris Unknown 2017
16 Skyline Connection PPC20 Hektor Unknown 2017
17 Memorial Prism Galaxy Doris Unknown 2017
18 Traces of The Past Prism Galaxy Doris Unknown 2017
40 All But Forgotten PPC40 Grimm Unknown 2017
50 See You Again Prism Galaxy None Unknown 2017

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