Princess Kaitlan
Purinsesu Keitorin
Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 21, 1990
Hair ColorDark Brown (Kaitlan)

Orange (Floral)

Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceFloral Kingdom
RelativesQueen Hanasaku (Mother), Princess Amahana (Cousin), Queen Floraison(Aunt)
Alter EgoCure Floral

Blooming Cure Floral

Sparkling Angel Cure Floral

Theme ColorOrange (Main)

Yellow (Secondary)

Teal (Some Accessories, Detail)

Anime Information
SeasonPrincess Power Pretty Cure!
First AppearancePPPC!01
Princess Kaitlan (プリンセスケイトリン Purinsesu Keitorin) is one of the four cures and a main character in Princess Power Pretty Cure!. She love flowers and nature. She has her own garden, a very huge one. She rules the Floral Kingdom. Kaitlan is kind to people who are kind to her, and a nice, tough, hardworking Cure who will never let her kingdom be taken away. Her alter ego is Cure Floral (キュアフローラル Kyua Furōraru). Her catchphrase is, "I will defend my kingdom, nature, friends, and this world whatever it takes!" (私は私の王国、自然、友人、そしてこの世界擁護するどちみちそれとり!Watashi wa watashi no ōkoku, shizen, yūjin, soshite kono sekai yōgo suru do chi michi sore-tori!)

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