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This is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series!
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Princess Break
is part of the Sky Pretty Cure Series and belongs to Yousei A. Sina

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Princess Break
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
Age19 (Sky)

20 (Rainbow Star)

Home PlaceKamon
RelativesTime (father)
First AppearanceSky Pretty Cure 14
SeiyuuItō Shizuka
Theme Colorred (main)

white (sub)
black (sub)

Break is one of the main villains of Sky Pretty Cure and the main villain form Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. Break appears like a innocent girl, but turns out as Times daughter. The boss, Catastrophe himself, decided to take care of Break.

In Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~ she becomes the main villain. After her "family" got defeated by Pretty Cure, she created the Black Diamond, Onyx and other new villains.


  • Time - Break's father. They're relationship has been rarely shown in the series. Only mentioned, like the time when the girls asked Low about everyone's strengths and weaknesses. During episode 40 and 43 Break's love for him has actually been shown for the first time.
  • Catastrophe - Break really looks up to Catastrophe and defys him as much as he wants to be defyed.


Princess (プリンセス?) - A princess is the daughter of a monarch. It is possible Break gave herself the name since everybody else just calls her Break.

Break (ブレーキ?) - The word break comes from rom Middle English breken, from Old English brecan (“to break”), from Proto-Germanic *brekaną (“to break”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰrag-.[1] In Kamon, the name comes from the word Brea ( Burē in Japanese?) meaning "one" or "only" and Kamo ( Kamo in Japanese?, full word is Kamore) meaning "archer".

Tsragi (ツヅラギ?) - Break's actual last name. It was first mentioned in Episode 10 by Low. The name is obviously Kamonian meaning "pitch black", while "Tsra" means "deep" and "Ragi" "black".





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