pretty cure all star : the key to the future is my first precure all star created by Cure48.

Pretty Cure All Star The Key To The Future
プリキュアオールスターズ 未来への鍵
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV 00
Original Runjune 25, 2013
Opening SongTwinkle Cute!Pretty Cure All Together
Ending SongPrizmmy Mirai No Jibun
Series Info


the story when pretty cure from 48 Family precure, shining heart precure, dear my future precure, fly precure, and light precure have a summer school holiday they come to Akibastar. sometime, they meet a monster from every pretty cure group from. And they meet a new enemy named Wizuna, Rina, Azumi, Izumi, and Ita. They fight togheter to defeat them and they leader Dark and save the world

A New Character At Pretty Cure All Star The Key To The future

Fupu- she is the mascot from Miracle Kira Town. She also can transform into human and taken a name Suzuki Maria.

Kiseki Queen- the queen from Miracle Kira Town.


The Miracle Lights (ミラクルライト Mirakuru Raito?) are small, magical lights used in various Pretty Cure movies to give the Pretty Cures special powers or revive their strength. These magical flashlight-like items are only used by their fairy partners and has different designs that varies from movie to movie.

The Future Key ( 将来の鍵 Shōrai no kagi ) are a magic key, The key can bring to the future we want, because it's Dark wants because he wants to make a dark future. and, the future key is only found in Miracle Kira Town.


  • This is my first pretty cure all star
  • In this series also have Miracle Lights