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Pretty Cure All Star : Idol Are Everyone Dream ( プリキュアオールスターズ アイドルはみんなの夢です! PuriKyua Ōru Sutāzu Aidoru wa min'na no yumedesu ). Is a second pretty cure all star created by Cure48. The story theme is about idol, and dream.


The story begins when a popular idol is something that many people, especially teenagers. behind it, there is a Dark Agency that will make people to destroy all of the Dark Idol dreams, precure dream came to rescue people and fight Kuroh, which is the mastermind of all this!

NOTE: All pretty cure characters will appear until Sport Precure!

New Character Appear

Itano Kuroh - A first enemy appear, she only appear in this all star. At the battle she will have a battle with pink team

Erio- a second enemy appear, in the battle she will have a battle with yellow team

Rio- a third enemy appear, in the battle she will have a battle with blue team.

Kuroh- the leader of Dark Agency

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