Pretty Cure en Pointe! (プリキュアエン・ポイント! Purikyua en Pointo!) is Techieberry38's seventh fanseries.


Out in the universe, not too far away (okay, very far away) sits one of the smaller worlds, known as the Jete Kingdom. The single entity known as Adagia rules the kingdom, rather than a king or queen. But the shadow of Adagia, Break, decides that all ballet will be banned from the universe and that no one will perform the art again. To do this, he and his 2 followers set out to destroy the Jete Kingdom's Releve Barrier in order to take over and wash ballet from the face of every world, getting the power from the physical pain in random dancers' legs.

Hope is not all gone. Adagia knows of this coming apocalypse. To make sure Break doesn't reach his goal, she attempts what many worlds have done to save their own: call on the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure. But will they be just as successful as these other worlds?


Pretty Cure

Inaba Kame/ Cure Plie

For Kame, dance, or rather ballet in particular, is the second most important thing to her next to school and her health. Her love for ballet lets her strive for improvments in this and that, making her a graceful dancer- while trying to hide an arched back. While not the brainest, Kame's grades are usually high.

Fujiwara Rei/ Cure Assemble

The grace of ballet does not work well with clumsy Rei, but does perfectly fine with dances like Hip Hop. While she tries to be more graceful like her old buddy Kame, Rei never makes it to Kame's expert-like grace. But where she fails to land silently and balance on her toes, you can count on Rei to stay on beat. 

Tashiro Shizuko/ Cure Saute

When the provincial exams are handed out, it's Shizuko who is usually at the top of the class. If it's the history of, oh, just any dance you need, Shizuko will give a very informative rundown. Anything turning, whether it's jumping or just little steps, expect something beautiful.

Funai Yoshe/ Cure Arabesque

If you enter Funai Studio, where dance and gymnastics are learned by kids of all ages, you'll certainly find Yoshe doing handstands or practicing tendus by the barre. This rich but fiery girl believes that practice and peer work is the only way to become a true expert at anything. Being the daughter of Funai Studio's owners gives her friends quite the advantages. What better could it be to have free admission all the time, be able to peek in and watch any class and enter usually restricted areas? Yoshe is best when it comes to ballet in anything that has to do with extending the leg.


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