Pretty Cure and Okami Crossover: Bonus Stories are sidestories that happens after the movie, Pretty Cure All Stars and Okami Crossover: Oozora no Tomodachi!. The Opening Theme is a shorter version of Kagayaki no Kokoro!~Eien no Hikari~ and the ending is Reset, sung by the cure(s) focused in the episode. Every episode has an insert song, and most songs are from the Pretty Cure All Stars and Okami Crossover Vocal Album: ~Oozora no Uta!~


1. Double Duo Team!

2. Lazy Eaters or Brave Heroes? Nagisa and Susano team up?

3. Honoka and Kushi's search for the Missing Sake!

4. Explore the Ezofuji Mountains with Akane and Issun!

5. Hikari finds out the truth! Ninetails is actually the Queen's...

6. The earth and the sky against the Twin Demons!

7. A wish! I want to be a Pretty Cure too!

8. Forget the Past! I'll do my best to be stronger!

9. Treasures under The Dragon Palace!

10. Get your Happiness!

11. Nobody knows destiny...

12. Aguri and Manpuku's epic Battle....for FOOD!?

13. Duet of Two Souls at The Thundercloud!

14. Find the Kusa 5! Inori and Princess Fuse's adventure!

15. Kaoruko and Isshaku old Partners!?

16. Nao VS Kai...Race Around The World!?

17. Lonely Warriors

18. For the sake of The Princess and The Queen...

19. Lost in....where? Yes! Smile! And the canines!

20. White-Wild Majesties of the Past!

21. A Completely Ruined Surprise....

22. The Battle of the Artists!

23. Trial of The Desertrian Gate!

24. Ultimate Power of Cuteness! Let's beat Yayoi and Young Gekigami!

25. Defeat the Ultimate Demon! Everyone's Prayers are our Powers

Insert Songs

1. Double Duo! VOCAL SOLAR STORM! (Episode 1)

2. Hikari ni Naritai ~Like a Diamonds~ (Powerfull Remix) (Episode 2)

3. TSUBOMI (Hazy Remix) (Episode 3)

4. One for All (Infinity Inferno Remix) (Episode 4)

5. Watashi wa Hikari (Traditional Remix) (Episode 5)

6. Twin Spirirts (Episode 6)

7. Dream Catch! (Episode 7)

8. Tomodachi no Heigen (Episode 8)

9. Hōseki no Umi (Episode 9)

10. 1, 2, 3! ~Flower Festival!~ (Episode10)

11. DESTINY~Kono Michi~ (Episode 11)

12. Paawa no Honoo! (Episode 12)

13. Heart Beat of a Soul! (Episode 13)

14. No Believe No Life (Pure Trust Remix) (Episode 14)

15. Valley of Flowers (Episode 15)

16. Itsumo Egao de (Super Speed Remix) (Episode 16)

17. Moonlight ~SILVER~ Blizzard (Episode 17)

18. Hoshizora no Kaeri Michi ~Makoto and Waka (Flute) Cover~ (Episode 18)

19. Butterfly Happy Warriors Ending! (Episode 19)

20. White Light (Episode 20)

21. Shi Shi!~Shining Symphony~ (Episode 21)

22. Egao no e (Episode 22)

23. ~Light of the Heavens~  (Episode 23)

24. Special*Colourful (ULTIMATE Chibi Remix) (Episode 24) 

25. RESET (Happy Pretty Cure Version!) (Episode 25)


  • Out of all the Okamiden partners, Kurow is the only one who has more than one story.

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