Pretty Cure Special Story: From Villain to Cure focuses on Fresh Pretty Cure! 's Higashi Setsuna, Heartcatch Pretty Cure Retelling! 's Shinto Sayaka, and Suite Pretty Cure 's Kurokawa Ellen. No villains appear in this short story.

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Ellen invites Setsuna and Sayaka over to discuss about their pasts and how they were first created. The mascots hear of this, and decide to listen to the story, and Hummy even ends up helping Ellen with her story.



NOTICE: Villain name is first.

  • Eas/Higashi Setsuna/Cure Passion (Fresh)
    • She used to work for Labyrinth until episode 23 of her series, where she was revived as the fourth Pretty Cure, Cure Passion. It is unknown if she can still change into her original form.
  • Cure Blossom Mirage/Shinto Sayaka/Cure Lily (Heartcatch Retelling)
    • She used to feel unconfident about Tsubomi changing, but after resolving the final test, was taken to the Pretty Cure Palace and later became Cure Lily. After this, she can no longer transform into her original form.
  • Siren/Kurokawa Ellen/Cure Beat (Suite)
    • In 2011, Hummy was chosen to sing the Melody of Happiness instead of Siren, and later ended up brainwashed and became a tool to Mephisto to complete the Melody of Sadness. When becoming Cure Beat, Ellen could no longer turn back into her feline form, much like how Sayaka can't turn back into her original form.


To come soon...


  • I hope to make a spin-off of this very soon.
  • This is what each character said after each story:
    • After Setsuna's story
      • Sayaka: Wow! A near death experience! Thank goodness for Akarun!
      • Ellen: Pretty interesting to me. Congrats on your revival, Setsuna.
    • After Sayaka's story
      • Setsuna: In a whole other dimension? Created by the Heartcatch Mirage? Amazing!
      • Ellen: Sort of reminds me of Tsubomi and her shy past. Glad to see how you've changed, Sayaka.
    • After Ellen's story
      • Setsuna: I wish you were chosen in 2011 instead! Of course, Hummy is cute too!
      • Sayaka: Eh?! Being brainwashed is new for a Pretty Cure! If you can only become Ellen and Cure Beat, that's a lot like me!

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