Pretty Cure Shooting Star Finale (プリキュアシューティングスターフィナーレ Purikyua Shūtingu Sutā Fināre?) is the finishing attack performed by Mirage Cure Night starting in PCFC35. She must use the Lovely Memory Light to perform the attack.




Mirage Cure Night: 信仰の夜は、私の中で輝いています。
Mirage Cure Night: 悪精製するために、私はあなたを与える...
Mirage Cure Night: プリキュア!シューティングスターフィナーレ!


Mirage Cure Night: Shinkō no yoru wa, watashi no naka de kagayaite imasu.
Mirage Cure Night: Aku seisei suru tame ni, watashi wa anata o ataeru...
Mirage Cure Night: Purikyua! Shūtingu Sutā Fināre!

Literal Translation

Mirage Cure Night: The night of faith shines within me.
Mirage Cure Night: To purify evil, I give you...
Mirage Cure Night: Pretty Cure! Shooting Star Finale!


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