This is the transcript for Pretty Cure Rainbow Stars: Miracle Friends Forever!. The whole transcript was done by Cure Coco.


Movie begins, with the clock beeping
Akari: *yawns* What time is it?
Kora: You're finally awake~koro! It is 10:30~koro!
Akari: 10...30...wait...10:30?!
Kora: *gets scared* Yes~koro! What is it~koro?!
Akari: I am so late! I made a promise with the others to meet in the park!
Kora: Well, go for it~koro!
Akari: I will now...*watches the window*
Kora: What is it..that you are watching~koro?
Akari *still looking at the window* Well, you never get a look like this, of a rainbow...*a black thunder occurs*....AND A THUNDER!!
Kora: Black...thunder~koro? That's why i had been having bad dreams~koro!
Akari: need of telling stories now, i need to go!
After some minutes, from a window view, Akari is shown running, as the opening plays
Akari: *opening playing as in the background and running* Kora! What time is it?
Kora: Ehh...i have no watch..sorry~koro!
Akari: *gets angry, runs faster*
Kora: You're so hard to catch up~koro!
Akari: *stops, and looks at the rainbow* This rainbow is taking my mind of my friends!
Kora: Forget the rainbow, go now~koro!
Akari: *runs again* Ahh...there they...are? *stops, and the opening ends*
Midori: WHERE...WERE...YOU?! *gets angry*
Aoi: There, there, there's NO NEED TO GET ANGRY! *gets angry too*
Akari: Fine, i was.... *then from the shop..*
Chou: *takes a ball, and shouts* CHOU FIREBALL!! *uses the ball as a volleyball, and throws it to Akari*
Maemi: Don't get angry on her....
Maemi: *turns her head towards the ball* *gets hit* Oww..?
Akari: GOD....CHOU STOP IT!!
Chou: Ehh...sorry....Maemi. Wanna least...tag?
Maemi: Okay then.
Meanwhile Rei, and her friends..
Rei: Do you guys wanna play tag?
Tomoru+Raikō+Shida+Sky+Kinomi+Naru: YES!
All begin playing
Akari: I'll get you... *slow motion screen*
Rei: I'll get you... *gets Akari*
Akari+Rei: Ahh! *fall down together*
Rei: Are you....okay?
Akari: Yes...are you okay?
Rei: I am fine...who are you anyway? I am Rei!
Akari: Well i am Akari!
Maemi+Chou+Aoi+Midori: We are... *introduce themselves*
Rei+Tomoru+Raikō+Shida+Sky+Kinomi+Naru: We are... *introduced themselves*
After some time, the girls play with each other

Shadow Fuzen: We are all gathered here to defeat the Cures...right?!
All: YES!
Shadow Fuzen: Now why don't we do the starting...?
All: Yes, we are going to do it...NOW...!

At the park Akari: Well now since we are good friends, how about, telling secrets!
All: Ehh?!
Kora: Well...wait...! *Chou takes Kora, and hides her*
All except the Rainbow Cures: WHAT..was..that?
Chou: Oh, that? is my....*thinking* FUNNY VOICE!
Midori: Dear lord.
Akari: How about we get to a shop? I can see it is going to rain, because of the clouds.
All: Okay then.
At the shop Chou: Akari, something, YOU'LL SPOIL OUR CURE IDENTITY!!
Akari: Oh, don't worry, i won't.
Everyone telling secrets
Maemi: We'll i don't know...?
Rei: Well, i am...a..Cu.. *gets inturupted by Iro*
Akari: What, what?
Rei: Well, i want to say..i am a...Cu *gets inturupted by a crash*
All: What was that?!
Rei: Well i didn't finish!
Akari: Shh...that looks like a monster to me, right?!
All: It sure does!
Akari: Let's go girls!
Midori+Maemi+Aoi+Chou: YES!
Rainbow Cures get outside
Akari+Midori+Maemi+Aoi+Chou: Pretty Cure, Rainbow Light!
Cure Red: The fire breathing, red shine! Cure Red!
Cure Orange: The encouraging, orange light! Cure Orange!
Cure Yellow: The light inside us, yellow shine! Cure Yellow!
Cure Green: The green earth of light! Cure Green!
Cure Blue: The blue water of beauty! Cure Blue!
All Rainbow Cures: The colors of peace, and light, Rainbow! Pretty Cure!
Rei, and the others: Oh my, they are CURES?!!
Rei: Time to show it, girls!
Rei+Tomoru+Raikō+Shida+Sky+Kinomi+Naru: Pretty Cure Rainbow Power!
Cure Red: *introduces herself*
Cure Orange: *introduces herself*
Cure Yellow: *introduces herself*
Cure Green: *introduces herself*
Cure Blue: *introduces herself*
Cure Indigo: *introduces herself*
Cure Violet: *introduces herself*
All Colorful Cures: *introduce themselves*
Cure Red: Okay, why do we have the same names?!
Cure Green: Why, we have the same powers, and colors!
Cure Blue: Let's focus on defeating this Kurokage...
Cure Green: Or THESE Kurokages!
All: What?!
Kurokages multiply
Cure Red: Red Fire Shine! *one Kurokage gets purified*
Cure Orange: Orange Sunshine Light! *another Kurokage gets purified*
Cure Red: Let me try this! Loving Fire! *purifies two Kurokages*
Cure Green: Huh, well this is coming! Green Light, give me the chain! Green Lighting Chain! *gets hold of many Kurokages*
Cure Blue: Check this out! Blue water, give me the arrow! Water Arrow! *purifies all the Kurokages*
All: We are the best!
Shadow Fuzen appears
Shadow Fuzen: Hmm..stay put, "Pretty Cure"...i'll COME ONE MORE..TIME. *thunder hits*
Cure Green: You just look like him, the SHADOW KING. Is it you?
Shadow Fuzen: Why, guess...Midori.
All: What?!
Cure Green: Forget about it! Green Lighting Chain!! *attack missed*
All de-transform
Akari: Does he know, you?
Midori: I don't know, now..everyone..let's worry about, his "big" attack.
Rei: Well, him might attack, like tomorrow...maybe.
Midori: He might.
Akari: Let's not worry, but let's be prepaired.
The next day..
Rei: Will, he be showing?!
Chou: He looks like a "scaredy cat." *the land starts to shake* Or not.
Akari+Rei: Get ready everyone!
Akari+Midori+Maemi+Aoi+Chou: Pretty Cure, Rainbow... *land exploades*
Rei+Tomoru+Raikō+Shida+Sky+Kinomi+Naru: Pretty Cure, Rainbow.... *land exploades*
All: Ahhh!!
The Mirage Cures arrived, as the opening begins to play
Cure Moonlight Mirage: Well, here i am!
Cure Marine Mirage: Don't forget me!!
Cure Blossom Mirage: Hey! Wait for me!
Cure Sunshine Mirage: Why do you guys forget me!
Shadow Fuzen: Again?! There's more?! Oh, but there will not be anymore take this! *produces dark power*
Rei+Akari: Girls, NOW!!
All the girls transform
Cure Violet: Ultraviolet, barrier!!
Shadow Fuzen: Get ready for this!
All: Huh?!
Shadow Fuzen: Dark Burst!!
All: Ahh! *get blinded by the attack, and get absorbed*
Rainbow Cures in a Mirror Room...
Cure Red: Oh no! Where are the others?!
Cure Green: I knew it! His attack took us into different worlds!
Cure Yellow: I think this world contains, KUROKAGES!
All: Ehh?!
Colorful Cures in a room... Cure Red: Loving Fire!! *attack misses*
Cure Yellow: How are we supposed to get out of this?
All: Ahhhh, come on!
Mirage Cures at a dark room..
Cure Moonlight Mirage: Huh, it seems we are in different places!
Cure Blossom Mirage: Oh, my. what will we do?!
Cure Marine Mirage: Don't worry, as we are a team we will defeat everyone!
Cure Sunshine Mirage: I hope that makes sense, because it will take too long to defeat them *points at the Kuro Pretty Cure*....
All: Kuro Pretty Cure?!
Meanwhile, at the Rainbow Cures
Cure Red: Red Fire Shine!! *purifies one Kurokage*
Cure Red: That was easy!
Cure Yellow:
Cure Green: Don't worry! Let's go Cure Blue!
Cure Green: Green Light, give me the chain! Green Lighting Chain! *gets hold of many Kurokages*
Cure Blue: Here i am! Blue water, give me the arrow! Water Arrow! *purifies all the Kurokages*
All: YES!!
Meanwhile, at the Colorful Cures..
Cure Red: Loving Fire!
Cure Red: This may never work, how about we regroup, and use all our power?
All: Ok!
Cure Red+Orange+Yellow+Green+Blue+Indigo: Pretty Cure, LOVING...SUNSHINE....WATER......STORM!!!! *the portal breaks*
All: Oh, yeah!
Meanwhile, at the Mirage Cures...
Kuro Moonlight Mirage: Why, i am meeting you again!
Cure Moonlight Mirage: You have nothing with them, but only ME!
Kuro Moonlight Mirage: Huh, well you all are Cures, so i have to do with all of YOU!
Cure Moonlight Mirage: Not so easy! *starts fighting*
Kuro Blossom Mirage: Hi, there! *makes duplicate copies of herself*
Cure Blossom Mirage: Ehh?!
Cure Marine Mirage: *attacks the fake Kuro Blossom Mirages* See?! Without friends power, nothing is easy!
Cure Blossom Mirage: *about to cry* Yes! Blossom Spiral!
Kuro Blossom Mirage: Thinking that is strong? It didn't affect me!
Cure Sunshine Mirage: BUT THIS WILL! Sunshine Lighting!!
Kuro Blossom Mirage gets defeated
Cure Marine Mirage: 3 to 4! Now here you go...oh that rhymed! Let's do it again! This, this, this, and... *Blossom Mirage attacks with Blossom Spiral*
Kuro Marine Mirage gets defeated
Cure Sunshine Mirage: I'll have to help Moonlight Mirage!
Kuro Sunshine Mirage:! Here take this!
Cure Moonlight Mirage: Moonlight Beam!
Kuro Sunshine Mirage gets defeated
Kuro Moonlight Mirage: The others are just weak, now you are getting destroyed!
All: We aren't weak, we are like sisters! Mirage Light Reflection!
Kuro Moonlight Mirage gets defeated
All: We are back!!
Shadow Fuzen: Oh, my. That was boring, but now let's bring the fun out!
Cure Green: Fun? Oh, well. How about we start with.....ME. *the Cures all attack*
Cure Red: Red FIRE SHINE!!
Cure Orange: Light goes with fire, so take this! Orange Sunshine Light!
Shadow Fuzen: If you think that is a strong one, please don't think so. THIS IS! SHADOW FIRE....FLASH!
All: Ahh! *Cures get tired*
Cure Green: Never thought this would be so strong...
Cure Moonlight Mirage: Me...too..but i will protect everyone now *gets up* because, THAT IS A PROMISE!
Shadow Fuzen: Well, missed!
Iro+Kora: We have power, to get you defeated~koro! The power of...HOPE~iro!
New mascots enter..
Hana+Miracle+Bright+Kira: Don't forget us!
Mirage Cures: Yes, Hana! Miracle! Bright! Kira!
Mascots: With this power we grand you Cures, big POWER!!
The Cures fly
Cure Green: Wow, never thought i would get this, i already had enough of decorations when i was a princess!
Cure Red: Thank you guys!
All: The power of lights, and love! Super Cures!!
Shadow Fuzen: Of, my...again?!
All: Take this as a game!
Super Cure Red+Super Cure Red: Super Red Light!!
Super Cure Orange+Super Cure Orange: Super Orange Light!
Super Cure Yellow+Super Cure Yellow: Super Yellow Light!
Super Cure Green+Super Cure Green: Super Green Light!
Super Cure Blue+Super Cure Blue: Super Blue Light!
Super Cure Indigo+Super Cure Violet: Ultraviolet Reflection!
Super Mirage Cures: Mirage Light Refection!
All the powers together
Shadow Fuzen: Well, if this is the end...then i won't say good-bye. I will be re....born....!*fades away*
Super Cure Green: Reborn? No way.

The next day...
All: Yay!
Rose: Well that was fun, i am most happy to have many friends! With the help of you guys...*Daisy joins in*
Daisy:....we'll always win!!
Midori: Well, i am a princess, but i power.
Rei: You have the power of....*everyone joins in*
All except Midori:....LOVE and HOPE!
All: Thank you so much everyone!
Daisy: I WANT TO END THIS SO...This, that, this, this...
Chou: Forget about this... *Chou takes the volleyball, and throws it to Daisy*
All except Chou and Daisy: Watch out DAISY!
Daisy:...this, that, and WHAT?! *gets hit by the ball*
Daisy: You won't be going any further with that! *chasing Chou*
The movie ends, and the Cures get ready to perform "Rainbow↑Colorful↑Mirage" on stage.

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