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The Pretty Cure Mugen is an idol group started by Cure Egret before the credits in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3: Ashita no Tomodachi. She invited a few others to join in the group, but three accepted the request.


After the final battle, Cure Egret decided to create a Cure bond by starting an idol group, but not with Urara or Makoto due to them already being idols. Cure Aqua and Cure Peace are interested in the idea, but no one else is. Egret asks the Mirage Cures if someone may participate, and then, Cure Moonlight Mirage accepts. The four Cures then started the Pretty Cure Mugen group!


  • Mishou Mai/Cure Egret
  • Minazuki Karen/Cure Aqua
  • Kise Yayoi/Cure Peace
  • Tsukikage Rose/Cure Moonlight Mirage


Pretty Cure Mugen - All
Pikapika Light - Cure Egret + Cure Peace
Unforgotten Love - Cure Aqua + Cure Moonlight Mirage
Hand in Hand - Cure Egret + Cure Aqua
Hi-Five! Heartbeat! - Cure Peace + Cure Moonlight Mirage

Pretty Cure Mugen (Egret ver.)
Pikapika Light (Egret ver.)
Hand in Hand (Egret ver.)
Pretty Cure Mugen (Aqua ver.)
Unforgotten Love (Aqua ver.)
Hand in Hand (Aqua ver.)
Pretty Cure Mugen (Peace ver.)
Pikapika Light (Peace ver.)
Hi-Five! Heartbeat! (Peace ver.)
Pretty Cure Mugen (Moonlight Mirage ver.)
Unforgotten Love (Moonlight Mirage ver.)
Hi-Five! Heartbeat! (Moonlight Mirage ver.)
More soon!


  • If you classify the members by voice, you get this:
    • Low Voice = Karen/Cure Aqua and Rose/Cure Moonlight Mirage
    • High Voice = Mai/Cure Egret and Yayoi/Cure Peace
      • That means half of the members have low voices, while the other half have high voices. It is unknown if this is a coincidence.
    • You can also say Egret and Aqua are from the Blue, Green, and White group and are the first two in this idol group and Peace and Moonlight Mirage are from the Colorful group and are the newer two in this idol group.
      • This is also unknown to be a coincidence or not.
  • Although Cure Egret started the group, she did not create the name. "Pretty Cure Mugen" was the name first decided by Cure Moonlight Mirage.
  • They are the ones who sing the opening to New Stage 3.

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