Pretty Cure Mirai Link! (プリキュア ミライ リンク! Purikyua Mirai Rinku!) is the official transformation phrase for the Doki Doki Mirai! Pretty Cures (excluding Cure Cor). It requires a Mirai Commune and a transformation Mirai Medallion.

Pretty Cure and Mascot Partners

Cure Amour --- Charlie
Cure Corona --- Davida
Cure Crystallus --- Raphaela
Cure Rosa --- Lancelot

List of Sequences and First Appearance

Cure Amour --- Episode 1
Cure Corona --- Episode 2
Cure Amour and Cure Corona --- Episode 5
Cure Crystallus --- Episode 10
Cure Rosa --- Episode 12
Cure Amour, Cure Crystallus and Cure Rosa --- Episode 13
Cure Amour, Cure Corona, Cure Crystallus and Cure Rosa --- Episode 15


The Mirai Commune appears with each of their partners saying their name and the girls set their Mirai Medallion in to it's slot. Next, the girls appear and they shout out "Pretty Cure Mirai Link!". The Mirai Commune appears again and the girls use the pink pen to write "L-O-V-E" (with their partners spelling it out) onto the screen. The four heart buttons on the button flash three times which starts the transformation.

Aijō Masumi/ Cure Amour

Kenzaki Riko/ Cure Corona

Hishikawa Noriko/ Cure Crystallus

Yotsuba Ayame/ Cure Rosa



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